Current affairs can be defined as the information about the on-going affairs in our can be the victory of the world cup in 2011 by India or the tragic earthquake that devastated Japan. However, irrespective of the country or place, they spread like wildfire throughout the world. Media plays an important role in spreading the current affairs. They select a story, analyse it and spread It amongst the masses. Current affairs are not presented to us as mere occurrence of an event but a detailed analysis on the matter. All news affects us directly or indirectly eventually. Hence it is very important to stay updated on matters of public importance.
Current affairs cover a wide arena of information. They include topics like business deals, victories, failures, tragic incidents, corruption, political agreements etc. they have brought into picture many shameful acts by famous personalities at the same time voiced the opinion of the unheard. The driving force behind this work is the media. It plays an important role in binding together the people of not merely India but the entire world. It has spread its network throughout the world, capturing every bit of information. It acquaints us with the harsh realities of life and ways to mitigate the effects of the prevailing danger in the society. Many cries that were unheard have been brought to public light through the efforts of media.
Current affairs are also play an important role in preparing for your competitive exams. Today, entry into any esteemed career requires clearing the entrance exams. These exams thrive on current affairs by dedicating the maximum number of questions to current affairs of India. Apart from academic knowledge, they need to know the general awareness level of the candidate and how well he/she knows his/her country. In the recent years, in civil service exams, the question paper consists of maximum number of current affairs questions. In LLB it has been formally declared that the maximum amount of questions would come from the current affairs section. This has stiffened the competition because the syllabus for every candidate is same however it is their score in the current affairs section that can fetch those higher scores than the others. It is not just the exams that depend on current affairs, the interview session that follows also consist of a large list of these questions.

current affairs have become and inevitable part of our lives. With every bit of information we learn something new. It acquaint us with the prevailing situations in India and the world and how can we deal with them.

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