Over the years, the stock market has seen huge rise and seems to be rapidly improving especially in Canada. Canadian stock market is now attracting not only native investors but also people from all over the world. This is perhaps due to the fact that investors can find multiple investment options including US and other international stocks. Commission rates are very low and investment options are plenty. Most of the stock brokerage firms are operated by Canadian companies, while some others are owned by top MNCs from the world. There are various types of stock brokers including discount brokers, full service brokerage firms, and day trading online stock brokers to help you in stock trading.

Full-Service online stock brokers –These are the companies that offer full range of stock trading services including expert advice and assistance regarding trading. These brokers charge high price for their highly personalized services. They are best suited for novice traders who don’t know much about online stock trading. They direct traders to right market and help them in making good decisions regarding trading products and risk management. If you want to begin your career in stock market, consult such brokers and get valuable insight on the most steady stocks, good ways of trading and other information.

Discount stock brokers – Compared to full service brokerage firms, discounted stock brokers offer you very low trading costs. As the very name indicates, they give heavy discounts and charge low rate commissions. But they do not offer abundant market information, advice and tips for trading. Do not expect any personalized service, because they just get your orders executed. They are ideal option for those who have good market knowledge and are aware of the tricks and ways followed in stock trading. Choosing these types of brokerage firms means you could save lots of money, and buy more stocks with it.

Day trading stock brokers –These firms offer cheapest commission, fastest market access and order execution, various trading tools etc, but they require traders to fulfill certain account requirements. Day trading deals with selling and buying of financial instruments like stocks, data exchange, equity management and many other such dealings. All this trading should be done in one single day before the market closes. Day trading brokers are people who buy and sell shares in the name of investors. They act as intermediaries between the investors and share market. These types of stock brokers are the best suited for day traders.

Selection of online stock brokers is very important for success in the stock market. Making wrong choice may cause huge loss of money. If you are planning to get started with online stock trading, there are plenty of websites to give ideas about different leading brokers, trading ways and other information.

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