The role of flossing has been a long-ignored phenomenon by us. We should agree that all we want is a pearly white smile for the rest of our lives. But little did we know that it is not the color that matters but the general health of the overall oral hard and soft tissues.

You must have noticed food being stuck in teeth areas that you cannot even figure out. The invisible areas are yet most prone to stick food particles. The contact points, proximal surfaces, and free gingival margin are some of the areas where usually get stuck without any proper visual appearance. Hence, it becomes the source of multiple problems later on.

Brushing twice a day properly will only clean 65% of the total teeth surface. The remaining 35% of the teeth include these non-brush approachable areas. Cleaning of these areas is significant in maintaining complete oral health. This is where the role of flossing begins and makes it an essential phenomenon along with tooth brushing.

Five leading roles of flossing to maintain good dental health
Plaque and tartar removal
The excess deposition of food particles in free gum margins leads to plaque and tartar formation. If the plaque is set to rest on the tooth’s surface under the gums, it can soon be converted to calculus leading to multiple dental problems.

Flossing after eating will remove any extra particle from the invisible areas of the tooth. Hence, plaque formation is actively inhibited, and the mouth remains healthy.

Prevent tooth caries
The impaction of food in between the tooth surfaces can give rise to dental caries. As the contact sight is not visible, the recurrent food impaction after every meal leads to tooth destruction at a greater level. And can only be felt by a person when it reaches the tooth nerve.

Therefore, using floss to clean the interproximal surfaces will help you prevent deadly tooth conditions such as pulpitis.

Maintaining healthy gums
The science to maintain a healthy tooth lies in the health of gums. The health of gums has a direct effect on tooth health. Therefore it is mandatory to take care of gum health to have long-lasting, healthy pearly whites.

Therefore, flossing is essential. The best way to keep your gums healthy is to floss them daily after every meal to prevent gum disease factors.

Prevention of heart diseases
As we all know, our mouth contains multiple colonies of microbes. The microbes may be useful to the oral cavity, but any link to the systemic system can lead to severe systemic problems. The cleaning of gums through floss inhibits bacteria in entering the bloodstream. Hence, preventing bacterial heart diseases from occurring.

Fresh breath
In addition to keeping us away from all sorts of dental and systemic problems, flossing helps in the fresh breath as well. It keeps the mouth refreshing and free of any foul odor. Hence, build your self-confidence and makes you more refreshing.

The role flossing in maintaining oral health is equivalent to brushing twice daily. To maintain a healthy mouth, the flossing should be added as a regular habit of daily routine.

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