India’s hotel industry is thriving due to an increase in business opportunities with an influx of foreign & domestic tourism which has made the role of Food and Beverage Department popularly called as F&B more important in hotel industry.
There are 4 Major and 9 minor departments in a Hotel.
4 Major Departments in a Hotel:
• Front Office- FO
• House Keeping- HK
• Food and Beverage Service- F&B
• Food Production or Kitchen- FP
9 Minor Departments in a Hotel:
• Human Resource
• Information Technology
• Sales & Marketing
• Accounts
• Purchase
• Security
• Health Club
• Security
• Kitchen Stewarding
The main role of F&B department in hotel is to maintain high quality food, services and customer satisfaction. It also includes food cost control and managing overall operations of bars, restaurants, etc.
Food and Beverage Service requires the executives to greet the guest, take their order and serve food prepared in kitchen & drinks at the bar at the restaurant or in the guest room, settle bills and perform various other tasks after the guest leaves like inventory management, revenue management, etc.
Almost all star-rated hotels offer F&B service at various spots. They can be-
• Restaurant
• Coffee shop
• Lounge
• Poolside bar/restaurant/barbeque-grill service
• Banquet
• Bar
• Meeting and Conference Rooms
• Ball Rooms
• Delicatessen
• Outside Catering Service
Structure of F&B Services Department in Hotel
The F&B service members are responsible for customer satisfaction and the department consists of the following position:
1. Food & Beverage Manager – F&B Manager
The manager is responsible for following –
 Ensuring profit generation from each F&B service outlet
 Coordinating with the kitchen department for menu finalization and finding options for upselling
 Purchasing equipment and material used in F&B service outlets
 Initiating customer centric schemes and loyalty programmes
2. Assistant Food & Beverage Manager – AF&B
Responsibilities of an Assistant Food & Beverage Manager are mentioned as below:
 The role and responsibilities are similar to F&B Manager
 His main task is to perform all the duties in the absence of F&B Manager/ Superior
 Sometimes, Assistant Manager F&B can be given specific sick outlets for its upliftment
3. Restaurant Manager
The overall functioning and operations of a restaurant depends on the restaurant manager
 Inventory Check
 Ordering Material
 Supervising, scheduling and grooming the service staff
 Preparing Monthly Budgets and Revenue Sheet
 Ensuring Daily Sales
 Coordination with the cashier
 Meeting the monthly revenue targets
 To maintain the overall profitability of the outlet.
4. Room Service Manager
Room service manager is responsible for the following responsibilities:
 Training, encouraging and evaluating the junior staff
 Budgeting, staffing and scheduling the staff expenses
 Handling guest’s special requests and complaints
5. Banquet Manager
Major responsibilities of a banquet manager are mentioned as below:
 Forecasting the events and allocating budgets for hiring and material inventory for sales
 Handling decoration and guest complaints
 Taking guest special request or complaints to F&B manager
 Participating in menu pricing
 Training, grooming and hiring of daily wages staff
6. Bar Manager
Responsibilities of Bar Manager are mentioned below:
 Forecasting daily sales and flow of customers
 Hiring right number of staff for customers
 Ensuring high standard of cleanness in the bar and attached toilets
 Ensuring availability of right drink as per target audience
7. Food Safety Supervisor
 Food handling in F&B service business is most important and is responsibility of Food Safety Supervisor
 He is required to hold FSS certificate as per FSSAI, which has to be minimum five years old.
 Food Safety Supervisor is also responsible for training the staff for hygiene and safe practices of handling food until it is delivered to the customers.
With the growing demand for skilled & trained professionals in Indian hotel hospitality industry, it has become inevitable to receive formal training and education from hotel management institute in India.
While selecting the candidate, apart from the professional degree, the hotel industry places great emphasis on communication skills, presentation skills, listening skills, teamwork skills, etc.
A hotel management institute will educate and train the candidate in all the aspects and departments of the hotel. Due to the service attitude and lifeskills learned, hotel management graduates are demanded in all other industries as well, thus making hotel management course a top choice for all the students completing their 10+2 and looking for job oriented degree programme.
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