IN 2011, a recent attack on Japan shook all of us terribly. Not only did India feel the pain of the innocent lives that were taken, but also faced a great loss in the business front. Did we realize why? Because we all are connected and live in a world which is a large web of human beings who are evenly spread throughout. Globalization has helped to make this network stronger and more inter-dependant. Whatever happens in any corner of the world, affects us and our fellow beings. Therefore, we need to o justice to humanity by taking active participation in the promotion of current affairs.

Media has played a very crucial role in the spread of current affairs. It has improved with time, due to technological advancements. Today, there are many mediums to gain information on current affairs, which are much easier to access. Media works for the public and gives them a daily analysis of the prevailing conditions of the society. The media does not confine its knowledge to the upper strata of the society; it goes down to the root level and fights for the right of every citizen. On one hand it has unveiled many criminal acts which have been performer under the name of justice; on the other hand it has redressed the grievances of many under privileged groups. It has become the voice of a country; it has become a major medium of communication.

Many have alleged the media for manipulating the minds of the public; however it does not pressurize the public into believing what they believe. They find a news item, they capture it, and they study it and present it to us. It is our decision to use it any way we want to.

Current affairs not only help us to stay updated but prove to be very beneficial for the entrance exams. Frequent questions are asked from the current affairs section.This is because in today's world, textual knowledge is not adequate. One has to perform well in all areas and have a sound knowledge of the current affairs taking place around him/her. This requires reading newspapers, watching news channels, surfing the internet and reading general knowledge books.

Staying updated with Current affairs will always help you in life. It will make you a knowledgeable person and also give you the confidence to enter any conversation. However, one should always try to know more and not merely confine to the current affairs of India, but of the world.

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