India’s meteoric rise as an economy has indeed been incredible. As one of the fastest growing nations in the world, India has many traits that hold it in good stead when it comes to growth. A highly skilled population with a high aptitude for technology, a culture of innovation and a shift towards entrepreneurship. One of the biggest reasons for India’s unprecedented growth has been the success of the MSME sector.

A new generation of entrepreneurs have brought about a seismic shift in the business landscape. Today, most youngsters dream of running their very own company rather than aspire for a traditional job. These capable men and women have created successful businesses that provide a wide range of MSME jobs to millions of people. Last four years alone, the MSME sector added as many as 14.9 million jobs.

The MSME sector has helped generate jobs for people from many walks of life, such as:

1. The rural sector: States such as Gujarat thrive due to many small companies that deal with textile, production plants and more. Many of these companies hire people from rural parts of India to fulfill their requirements, thus helping people generate income and grow. The rural sector is where a majority of India’s population lies. Making the role of MSMEs extremely vital. Here’s more on how much MSMEs have impacted the rural sector.
2. Skilled labourers: As these companies push for expansion, skilled labour benefits the most. The need for talented employees that help meet requirements lead to a surge in hiring for skilled labourers who thrive in these settings. Sometimes these talented individuals start companies of their own, which helps generate even more jobs for the economy.
3. Start-ups: The sudden rise of the start-up culture in India has led to more and more people starting companies and as a net result hiring more people to help them grow and achieve scale.

But, when it comes to financial support and creating employment opportunities in India, where do these budding businesses go? Traditional banking institutions are often less than ideal. The answer lies with India’s Non-Banking Financial Companies sector.

NBFCs help MSMEs flourish

For years now, NBFCs have been the bedrock upon which MSMEs have grown. They have been paving the way for these companies to hire skilled professionals who in turn grow with these companies. The impact that NBFCs have had on the growth of MSMEs is truly remarkable.

The role of NBFCs in moulding these micro, small and medium level enterprises is crucial. It is the means by which many of these institutions grow their business, thereby increasing their capabilities. This ultimately leads to a demand for a bigger workforce, which in turn leads to a surge in employment. When factoring in how many MSMEs operate in India (63 million), one begins to understand the importance of NBFCs to millions of families and their livelihoods.

Now imagine if these companies couldn’t get loans to expand their business or maintain day to day operations. The implications would be huge. When they are unable to raise funds, these companies will now find it hard to hire people and as a result, unemployment rises and the GDP growth of the country falters. As you can see, this is a less than ideal scenario for a country like India and for the millions of people who rely on the MSME sector for their job security.

NBFCs have always been the easier source for these smaller companies due to a variety of factors such as quick deployment of funds, better interest rates and a much more flexible eligibility criteria. This is also why they make for a great investment option. As more and more MSMEs look to grow, there is a great case to be made on why you should invest in NBFCs.

As India looks to create better job opportunities for its citizens, look for more MSMEs to create employment opportunities with the aid of NBFCs. As long as MSMEs have the room to grow and generate jobs, India’s future is indeed bright. If you are one of many MSMEs in India looking to apply for MSME loan, here’s a look at how you can get an MSME loan.

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