Infertility experts have to conduct numerous tests during the treatment process. The test starts with a physical examination. It gives important clues about infertility management and the line of treatment. There are three important parts of the physical examination process carried out by the best Gynecologist in Bangalore:

• General physical examination
• Systemic examination
• Abdominal examination
• Pelvic examination

General physical examination

Even if the diagnostic process has advanced greatly, the importance of physical examination is still undisputed.
A detailed investigation decides the correct line of action.

• Routine tests: First of all, blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood sugar levels are checked. A normal pulse indicates good health. Abnormalities of the pulse indicate problems like anemia or cardiac problems. Sugar levels and blood pressure reading are critical from the perspective of a safe pregnancy.

• BMI: It is the ratio of weight and height. Anything in the range of 18 to 25 indicates optimal weight. Lower than 18 indicate underweight whereas more than 25 are considered overweight. If the rating is more than 30, then the patient is considered obese. Overweight and obese women are advised to reduce weight. Too much underweight women face troubles with menstrual cycle hypo Gonadotropin hypogonadism.

• Body hair: The distribution of hair on the body gives important indications of diseases and disorders. The absence of body hair indicates Androgen insensitivity syndrome. There is a rating that denotes the presence of hair on the body. The zero-rating indicates no growth of terminal hair and the rating 4 means excessive hair. The study of body hair indicates the presence of Cushing Syndrome or tumors that are secreting androgen.

• Thyroid: Thyroid profile test tells about thyroid autoimmunity. It is one of the most prevailing diseases amongst infertile women.

• Examination of breasts: Breasts are examined to rule out the possibility of lumps, inverted nipples, or galactorrhoea. Inverted nipples should be corrected before pregnancy to avoid lactation problems. Enlarged breasts with small nipples indicate androgen insensitivity syndrome, and that needs special attention.

• Other general ailments: The best Gynecologist in Bangalore carries out tests to evaluate other problems like anemia, cyanosis, enlarged lymph nodes, tuberculosis, other chronic infections, and pedal edema, etc. Neurological or orthopedic problems about pelvis are the fundamental cause of it.

Physical examination is still used worldwide for obtaining vital information about ailments and problems that may cause trouble in the treatment of infertility.
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