Well if the time of marriage can comes into the life of any person. Then they definitely thinks that who is going to be their partner. And whether they have love marriage or arrange marriage into their life. Thus, the fixing of your marriage is completely depends upon your planetary positions. And all these positions can get you know only by our love marriage specialist astrologer. He can study the planets and the houses in your horoscope.

Which planet is responsible for love marriage?

Well if you want that you have love marriage in your life. And only that person can be your partner whom you love and you choose. Because pending life with that one whom we don’t know and don’t have any compatible match is really difficult and most of the times leads to marriage failure issues. And if you want to do love marriage in your life and know that what are those planets which are responsible for the love marriage. Then it is the Venus in the male kundli that governs the love, affection and beauty in to the relationship. And in the female kundli it is the Jupiter and mars. If all these planets are at their accurate positions. Then it I so sure that you have love marriage in your life.

How to make the Venus a strong planet?

Venus plays a great role in your love relationship or love marriages. So if in case the position of Venus is weak. Then it can surely leads to lots of love issues in the relationship. But if you can make your Venus strong and a responsible planet. Then it is definite that your love life can runs so smoothly. And for this you just have to clean your house surrounding s and especially the south east area.

Along with this you must have to avoid wearing the dark blue color clothes. As you have to wear yellow clothes on Thursdays and white clothes on Saturdays. If you will for once o this. Then it is so sure that you can make your love marriage possible in your life. And don’t in need to get married to that person whom you don’t love or mot have any feelings.

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