Printing is a medium which is of great value to the entire world race. May it be years before, or that of the present era, its importance and priority remains the same valuable. It is the best way of communication between the people all over the world, be they at any of its part. It is the easiest way of expressing ones ideas and thoughts and what happenings are going on around us. A simple discovery which has now become a way of completing our lives, without which, even our morning tea seems to be incomplete and tasteless.

Printing has played a major role in every movements of the world which took place after its invention. But when it comes to Renaissance, it was basically a revival in the mediaval era to get over the orthodox practices which were prevalent in the, the then western society. The supremacy of the Church was challenged and a more linient and easy lifestyle was claimed by the people who were so far ignored and humiliated by the high class society. This period was marked by the discovery of new logics, truths and also countries. They were opposed greatly by the by the Church and upper class people. It can be termed as the greatest revolution in the world till date. By the time of the Renaissance, big changes had occurred: Barbarians, the Vikings, and Magyars were gone. Now there were strong central monarchies throughout most of Europe. Papacy and feudalism had declined. People were getting sick of the old attitudes of the till date dictators of the western society.

The movement brought in a revival in the people. Writers like Martin Luther shaked the world. Their main weapon was their writings which was brought to the people by books in which the writings were published. People came to know about their rights and how they were kept at the bottom of the society by the Church. Writings shivered the people with their simple languages yet high thinking and were able to terrify even the Church and other high authorities about their quick coming downfall. Printing matters became a new yet very effective way of fighting for the rights of the people.

However,this printing was brought to the world after much renovation and originally took birth in China.Printing China contributed a lot towards bringing a new mode to the people. Originally made from tree bark's skin, then to clay tablets dried in ovens came the final paper printing Magazine printing china started with printing of inscriptions and figures, which was entirely religious in nature. Buddhism favoured the development of printing and writing. The Shan dynesty was the period in China during which printing witnessed the most development and enhancement.

Renaissance, for the first time showed the people the strength and power of writing. It was able to bring such a revolution and change that the world now recognized its value and added it as a part of their lives

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