Today I am going to share with you a very important skill which everyone must master in their life. Because life is too mean and rude with everyone, at some places, life will put you in such times where you will feel too lonely, and you will feel like there will be no one who can help you in such moments. I have been through such time and thank God, he showed me a way, a path, patience from which I handled my problems, my loneliness all alone. You could say I self-motivated myself.

Not a single person is alive living without problems/struggles in this world. Peoples are not Happy with their lives. No one likes their destiny. Poor's are unhappy as well as Rich. People are getting sad day by day, from things they cannot have or things they cannot control.

Every living being makes some decisions according to their situation or the mood and gets sad later, after realizing what they have done. Mostly Peoples gets sad when they are trying to control what they can't or try to achieve things they can't achieve. Whether it may be Money, Success, Love, Respect, etc. At such a period/time you feel like to have someone special to make you feel better. Most of the time we don't get that special kind of person with whom we can share our every thought, feelings so that they can motivate us, make us feel better, make us live happily in today forgetting all the past/problems we are going through. That's our main problem we are so silly that we think we need someone to make us Happy.'''Really''' Why do think we need someone to make us feel better? if we can be that someone or belief that person within us like a motivator, healer. Instead of believing others believe in yourself, motivate yourself, making yourself better than yesterday. The day you started to believe in yourself is the day you will see change within you. Motivating yourself is the best gift a person can give to himself. Always remember no one breaks a self-motivated person in any way.

Whenever you are too sad and want to forget everything tries to spend time in giving, like helping others no matter financially or mentally, making them happy. All you have to do is keep all your ego aside and make them release their pain, make them happy. Then see changes in your mood, see how your cheeks are getting wide automatically and a magical reaction happening inside you, which we say happiness with a blush.

Overthinking is another thing which ruins the life of a person. Overthinking lead us to over care, over love, unwanted Expectations, Expectations are good only from the right people. Because they care, they know you better, they can make your expectations come true. Overthinking is another thing which ruins the life of a person. We make some people so important in our lives that their behavioral change crushes our mood so easily. So think before giving a person that kind of power, the power to steal your happiness, a power to make yourself unworthy. Trust others, Love, also Care but never ever lose yourself in these things. People come with no guarantee card in our life, we never know how much time they are going to stay with us without changing. So do everything but never lose yourself, always have trust in you than others, this will lead you to self-motivation and you can overcome every pain given by others or your loved ones. You can be a healer to yourself.

Another things that put you down are wrong Relations. No matter in which relation your with that person. Wrong Relations are something in which we forget ourselves and care/love others. This people never loved you or cared for you. Or some people love you make you feel special, put themselves so much into you at the start and when you start falling for them then suddenly they start changing, showing their true colors, breaking the person they loved once. With time they make them so unwanted that the person starts breaking, and they hurt them so badly that healing them becomes a kind of impossible. Peoples with good hearts try to focus on saving the relations if it's not working properly, but the people who never valued them, break them so badly that they completely forget themselves that they special too.
Never ever lose trust in you no matter what situations you in what problems you are dealing with always have more trust in yourself than any other. Also try to be with someone who feels like home, who understands you more than yourself, who loves you on those moments when you are totally down, who makes you feel better whenever you are upset, who trust you when whole world is against you, who stands with you in all your ups and downs, who never leaves you even when you are bad with them, who understands your silence, who notices your moods and make them better, who loves you more than any other, who understand the love behind your anger. Find those peoples in your life and trust only on those. Rather you will find 65% unknown people in your life, 20% known,10% whom you love and 5% who stays. And that 5 % is your true people who deserve your time, trust, respect, love.

The future is also the powerful depression of a common man. Most of the middle-class young age peoples start getting depress by worrying about their future. Peoples who are the only hope of the family they start overthinking and getting depressed in the early stage of life. They never speak their problems with others just getting upset alone. The problem is not with them. Putting themselves into this black hole is not their mistake, Parents are the one who pressurizes this kind of overthinking onto them. Telling once is fine, for making them realize is also fine, but telling them, again and again, the same thing, from which children start forgetting about their dreams and start running behind money. This leads them to become a slave of a big successful company. Where they have the dreams, plans of making a better future with the passion they have, from which they could make their own successful company, there they forget this and run after money in early-stage and only dreams they have is getting a better place in a company. So parents should stop forcing and putting children into depression, they should actually encourage them and support them to make their dreams come true and motivate them in every up and down, which they face in their journey.
Some peoples should motivate themselves in such a stage of life or share with the person who understands them so that they can support them and help them in their difficult journey. Others can motivate you to achieve success but only YOU have to walk on that path. Believe Yourself, Love Yourself, Trust Yourself, Be Selfish at some points also Be Kind to others. Control your Ego when you want to Give. The only person matter in this world is You. Only Power which can bring you up from every situation is within You.

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