Media release, also known as press release, is the most common source of news distribution to media persons like journalists and news editors. It is a dedicated format that is meant for easing and complementing the daily grind of a journalist’s life. It allows media persons to stay updated about every business’s news and then use the most informative news in their own articles, thus giving the business great exposure and growth opportunities.Press release has made extraction of news simpler and professional task for journalists, thus making it the most authentic way of providing business news to be circulated.
There are two parts of making a media release work for business success:

1. Media Release Writing:
Media release writing is a professional task that needs expertise in terms of formatting and assembling the content. While the pattern of writing a press release remains the same for all sorts of news, the content varies according to the type of news. Here is a brief detail on how to assemble the content and format of a press release.

i. Content of a Media Release:
The content of a media release depends on the type of news to be delivered. News can vary from being general newsworthy information to news about a product or business launch, or a business event detail. The press release should be fully descriptive of the news topic answering all possible questions that can arise in the mind of a reader. After reading a press release, there should be no curiosity or ambiguity about any detail. The wording should be all easy and understandable. Avoid using flowery language or something that can distract the reader from the subject. To support the argument of the news, use quotations from credible resources. Introduce, explain and summarize the content in a concise manner.

ii. Format of a Media Release:
Media release format is a standard document that is known internationally. It begins with a strong headline that compels the audience to read the details. If necessary (not compulsory), add a supporting sub-heading that enhances reader’s interest in the headline and motivates him to read the story. The content details as described above are to be arranged in three paragraphs, first one being introductory, second explanatory and third, concluding. The emphasis of the news detail should be in the second paragraph. The most vital part of a media release is the section of contact information. Complete business detail should be given here starting from postal to website and email address, and fax and phone number. In short give access to all possible contact options to format an ideal press release.

2. Media Release Distribution:
The final step of making a business meet success via press release is to distribute it to numbers. Seek and use as many channels of distribution as possible. Use emails, fax, online channels and print media. Online PR Newswire allows distribution to be made as vast as desired by provision of lists of niche and region specific media contacts. The best online media release distribution medium is a PR newswire, which makes distribution cost effective, timely and massive.

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