Children are energetic, imaginative, and eager to learn new things. Apart from regular learning, children also learn through playing and interacting with nature. This is where introducing them to educational toys can be very beneficial especially when it comes to developing communication skills.

Good communication skills are very essential for a child for engaging in social interaction, to make friends, have fun, and easily convey their thoughts and feelings. Guiding them correctly on the right path will help them in developing good skills and the correct way of modelling it.

There are many toys and games which are beneficial in supporting communication skills, let us discuss some which you can introduce it to your child.

Imaginary toys
Dressing up games, dollhouses, car races, making something unique out of blocks, and many others like happy land or playing mobile are among a few imaginary toys that are very beneficial in developing communication skills. Ask them questions about what they are making, how it works, show a keen interest, and encourage them to speak about it.

Make the mess
It might sound bizarre but messy plays can be very good for your child. When children engage in such play they explore new things which further helps in developing new skills. Like engaging in water play, dough, Sand play, Mud play, and painting. They learn to squeeze, rub, pour while gaining an understanding of the colours and textures at the same time.

Puzzles are very beneficial in building a child's vocabulary. You can buy theme-based puzzles to provide them with more insight into the subject. Like aquatic animals help them to learn about those animals. This makes a very innovative educational toy for a 3-year-old.

Every child loves to listen to stories, but how can you make them more effective? Make use of audio to make them listen to their favourite stories. To understand the audio, they will listen more attentively and will remember the words they are listening to. This will help children in learning new words and will repeat those words along with the audio.

Board games
Board games are other great options when it comes to giving your child educational toys, you can go for matching games, shape games, or snake and ladders. Such games help in learning new concepts where they get a basic understanding of the concepts such as counting, colours, and shapes. Engage with your children, ask to interact with them about these concepts. This will help children communicate more confidently about it.

Puppets help in developing storytelling skills in children. This requires the use of imagination or re-telling stories. This helps in enhancing the ability of children to speak confidently.

Children not only have fun listening to rhymes but they also learn to speak and read, through listening to them. They get an insight into word sounds which further helps in speaking and communicating clearly.

Sequence toys
When children engage in playing with sequence toys, they develop an understanding of what will come next, before, after, first, or last.

To sum up
Many educational toys and games can help in promoting communication skills in them. Interacting, asking them questions, and making them understand the concepts can easily help in developing skills. They need the right direction and encouragement to be more confident about the way they speak or communicate their thoughts.

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