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Budgeting forecasts are indispensable for an organization in any kind of business. Yet, despite their criticality to businesses, they accuracy is very difficult to assure. Even forecasts made by the sharpest minds could vary by a huge margin. The reason: the inherent volatility of the business environment. Budgeting forecasts are made based on one’s understanding of the financial situation or environment at the time of making the forecast and on the expected or likely changes that could happen in the forecast period. However, a much different or larger than expected change can happen without a moment’s notice, turning all forecasts on their head.
Further, traditional approaches to budgeting forecasts have suffered from flaws such as taking far more time than necessary to arrive at, being built on past experiences and events rather than on future possibilities, and constricting resource management by limiting creative thinking.
Enter, rolling forecasts
An emerging trend in budget forecasting- rolling forecasts-could be the antidote to this problem. Based on fluid thinking and perception with space for intuitive remedial actions, rolling forecasts could go a long way in helping companies absorb the sudden fluctuations that come up, to meet which, traditional budgeting is not equipped.
At this webinar, Carl, who has over 25 years of training experience in finance, accounting and business management, will explain all the elements of this concept. In explaining how rolling forecasts could help companies prevent many of their troubles in today's turbulent and constantly changing environment, Carl will describe the five core components of rolling forecasts and offer simple explanations and exercise to reinforce the learning points.
He will also highlight the use of key business drivers and cash to influence and impact the future, the role and use of technology in rolling forecasts, and how to counter assumptions when they go wrong in validating rolling forecasts. For easy understanding of the concept, he will demonstrate a six-step solution to creating rolling forecasts and a two-step solution to migrate rolling forecasts to budget system.
Other core components of the learning imparted at this webinar include how companies can focus on future possibilities rather than past events to manage resources, and how to move from data-based budgeting to driver-based forecasting, which will be the foundation for allocating and utilizing resources.
At this session, which is of extremely high value to Business Managers/Owners, Entrepreneurs, Financial/Business Analysts, CAO & CFO; Carl will cover the following areas:
o Using key business drivers and cast to influence and impact the future
o Why rolling forecasts are critical in today's turbulent environment
o Definition of key business drivers as the basis for rolling forecasts
o The relevance of cash as key business driver
o The core components of rolling forecasts
o The use of technology
o Simple techniques to make it happen: From dashboards to driver-based forecasts
o Simple samples and exercises to reinforce teaching points
o Using “What If” analogies to validate forecasts
o Benefits of rolling forecasts
o Pitfalls to prevent
o Selling the culture changes to make rolling forecasts acceptable.
About the speaker:
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach, Carl Young has over 25 years of senior level business management experience. These are in addition to and parallel to the over 25 years of training experience he has in finance, accounting and business management.
What stands out in the presentations this engaging and entertaining speaker and trainer gives is the richness, energy and liveliness of the content. The interactivity he brings into his sessions has made him a big hit with his audiences. This is the result of his past experience as a CFO, which gives him the ability to offer highly relatable, real-life examples that endear him to his audiences.
Carl has the art of breaking down complex concepts into simple ones for easy understanding. This is why has branded himself as Mr. Simplicity. His goal is to make finance and accounting relevant to non-financial professionals by using tools and techniques that are simple to understand and apply.

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