Romance is a wonderful thing. It has the power to make moments of life seem magical; it brings people together, makes you laugh, gives you something to look forward to, keeps everything feeling fresh, lets you know that someone loves and wants you. It’s no wonder why this is an essential part of all healthy and love marriages. It brings you and your partner closer together and keeps you connected.

However, many couples get disheartened with their relationship and feel as though their spark has gradually fizzled out. This is a common concern and is easy to understand. The reality is that this is completely natural and is to be expected. Not because you no longer love each other, but because you and your partner are growing and moving through a process of change.

When you first started dating each other and were going through the ‘honeymoon phase’ romance came naturally to the two of you. No effort was required for it to exist and it was passionate, intimate, intense – fantastic. It doesn’t take long for you to get used to each other and reality to sink in. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though.

Everything begins to settle down and become less of a rollercoaster ride. There are expectations that the romance and whirlwind experience you had to begin with will simply carry on of its own accord. For this to happen, you need to feed it and invest into your marriage. It won’t just exist between you, especially if you have busy lives, jobs to go to, bills to pay and children to think of.

There are a few areas of attention to take note of if you want to get the spark back in your relationship. Firstly, you need to put energy in to your relationship. By this I mean enjoy what you have and let your partner know that you love them. Show this by telling them each day. Choose your time and you’ll know how happy that makes them by the smile on their face!

As well as this, be there for them; listen to what they have to say, let them get negativities out of their system if they’ve had a long day, provide support. They will be so grateful for this and will naturally reciprocate. This sets a really great tone to have in your relationship which you can build upon in no time.

The next step is to be appreciative of each other. When your partner has done something caring and thoughtful, thank them. Let them know how privileged you feel to be their husband or wife. Again, complimenting each other like this reinforces positive communication and strengthens your relationship.

Finally, be affectionate. A mistake that is often made only doing so as a precursor to sex. Whilst that’s ok, and a healthy sex life is important in marriage, it can be so much more than that. Cuddle up with each other on the couch, go for an evening stroll hand in hand, share a loving and restorative hug after a long day, passionately kiss each other and enjoy the moment.

The reality is that romance doesn’t take much time or even much effort. It’s all about the little things that lets your partner know that you love them, care for them, think they’re beautiful and want nothing more than to make them happy. It starts by making a conscious effort and turns into an ever deep, meaningful, intuitive and passionate connection.

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