You and your mate don’t have to be separated by land or sea to feel like you’re having a long distance relationship. Sometimes you can be living in the same house and feel miles apart. Opposite shifts, busy schedules, and fatigue can separate you. When this happens, a simple technique called “romance telepathy” can go a long way to keeping you and your mate feeling connected.

I was first exposed to romance telepathy in an unusual way. After my mom passed away in 1995, I was cleaning out her attic and found an old shoebox. I opened it to discover over 100 letters my dad had written to my mom during World War II. In one of the letters, he used romance telepathy to stay connected to my mother. Here is an excerpt from that letter:

Darling, every day at 8:00 your time, I’m going to give you a kiss, also at 1:00, and at 6:00, and at 10:00. I want you to do the same, will you? I’m memorizing these times so I will make sure not to get the wrong time, because I want to know that when I’m doing this, you are doing the same thing. We will start this schedule Wednesday morning at 8:00 your time. Is that okay? Okay.

Your love for your mate is housed in your emotions, but did you know that your imagination can be just as powerful as your heart in communicating those emotions? When your imagination and heart work in tandem, you and your mate will create an unbreakable connection.

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