Sail on to the best-rated destination in India and spend some quality time with the love of your life surrounded by the lush green beauty and beaches that reflects the color of the blue sky.

Explore Andaman and laze around on the stunning sandy beaches offering you romantic sunsets with our Andaman Nicobar package and discover the underwater coral reefs. Spend your time in absolute solitude with many interesting places to visit in Andaman.

Your Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package starts with a visit to Havelock Island, one of the largest and the popular destination blessed with turquoise beaches and coconut groves. The best things to do in Andaman include a myriad of adventure sports like scuba diving or snorkeling giving out thrilling experience.

Get a personalized Andaman tour package and celebrate your honeymoon in this exotic island.

Best Time to Visit:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a year-round tourist destination. The area receives minimum fluctuations in the temperature and is always pleasant. The best time to visit Andaman Nicobar Island is considered from November to May. Monsoons are however recommended to be avoided for Andaman Nicobar tour because of the high tidal waves, incessant rains and strong winds.

Things to buy:

The most famous market of the Andaman islands where you would find the wide range of souvenirs, seashell products, pearl jewellery and even fruits and vegetables and everything that this island has to offer is Aberdeen Bazaar. It is the most famous market which is brimmed with the locals and tourists alike.

What do do:

Blessed with pristine beaches and coconut groves, this one offers myriad adventure sports opportunities to its guests. From snorkelling to parasailing, scuba diving and kayaking etc., there is no dearth of thrilling activities here, for that much-needed adrenaline rush, on an otherwise tranquil leisure vacay.

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