When love is in the air its important to express your feelings to the person that you care about. Whether you are in relationship for a long time or you are going to open your heart for the first time be honest with your romantic intimacy. Feelings need to be shared to create warmth and closeness in the love
There are several ways to express love but before you learn Romantic Things To Say To Your Girlfriend keep the following things in your mind
• Try to understand your partner’s need
• If you can’t speak then verbalize your feelings before it’s too late.
• Express your emotions and affection.
• Spend some alone time together.
• Do not express too much and too fast.
• Do not try to get physical in your first meeting.
Here is the list of Romantic Things To Say To Your Girlfriend.
1. “I was going to buy you a flower and then I realized that you are far more beautiful than any I could pick.”
2. “You are my breath and a beating heart it will stop if you leave me and go”
3. “You are my happiness , I do not know what sadness is”
4. “ You are the one who shares beautiful colors with butterflies”
5. “Your smile is sweeter than any ice cream and brighter than any star”
6. “The day I do not see you I feel incomplete and restless.”
7. “Stay with me in every life, you are always mine.”
8. “Listen to my heart beats you will find yourself”
9. “My heart beats only for you “
10. “Every time I see you I fall in love with you”
11. “I asked rainbow from where did you get these shiny bright hues they took your name”
12. “You are my soulmate every time I am having a bad day or just can’t seem to find happiness you always seem to know what to say to turn my frown upside down.”
13. “Every time I close my eyes I feel you around me”
14. “You make me feel lucky when I ‘m around you, you are the reason my life feels so perfect”.
15. “I love the way you feel in my arms when I hug you goodbye”
16. “Spending time with you is the highlight of the day”
17. “I can’t wait anymore to spend the rest of my life with you”
18. “Don’t ever change I love you for what you are ”
19. You deserve the world, but since I can’t give you that, I will give you my world the best thing in the world”
20. “I just want to wrap my arms around you, and let the world drift way”
21. “You are the most important person in my life, now and always”.
Words do not fall out easily but when it’s the real time be genuine to express what comes straight from your heart.

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• If you can’t speak then verbalize your feelings before it’s too late.