A great business leader is sculpted by their unconventional methods of handling hurdles, distinct approach, adaptability to the situations, and zeal to transform with the changing times. Success and failure are like a pendulum, where every decision is always on the verge of going either way. However, a good leader always strategizes and makes the pendulum leaning towards success than failure.

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Ronda Landa is one such leader who, with her excellent skills, has managed to impact the real estate industry by supporting her clients in creating best practice to assist them in reaching their CRE transactional goals.

A Shining Hope

Over the course of Ronda’s career, she learned that no matter the field, education is important. In her advice to budding entrepreneurs, she says, “Be tenacious and enjoy what you do. Make it your career and not just a job. Believe in yourself, build partnerships and networks. Get good mentors and sponsors and make sure your company value matches your values. Most importantly, Say YES to challenges.”

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