Roofing leaks can be quite obvious in some cases, but it may take some detective work to track down the leak and fix it.

A trained technician has the equipment necessary to detect roof leaks and make repairs correctly, but a do-it-yourself handyman may have trouble doing it.

You might leak somewhere on your roof if you see some of these signs.

• Stains on your ceiling or walls caused by water
• During storms, Dripping Sounds can be heard
• Outside of the house, there are moisture spots near the roof
• Shingles are missing
• In the attic, there is a musty smell
• Mold on the inside or outside of the walls or ceilings
• Ceiling paint that is yellowing or bubbling
• A wet carpet that is unexplained

We recommend getting an inspection if you notice signs of a possible roof leak, if you have recently experienced a storm with hail or strong winds, or if anything has fallen onto your roof (branches, rocks, debris).

Often hidden roof leaks are discovered during an inspection, and we can address them before they become a larger and more costly problem.

Common Problems For Leaky Roofs

If you have recently experienced hail or strong winds, or if a branch, rock, or other heavy object hits your roof, damage may not be surprising. However, sometimes discovering that your roof leaks are an unpleasant surprise.

You may have a leaky roof for several reasons.


With time and exposure, your roof materials degrade and lose their effectiveness. Temperature fluctuations and poor weather conditions can cause brittle and cracked roofing materials. The tar that holds shingles together can be melted by direct sunlight.

Storm Damage

Storms can cause havoc on your roof and shingles due to large limbs, hail, flying debris, and strong winds.

Roof Vents, Flashing & Ridge Caps

Roofing is a crucial aspect of any home or business.
Especially in these areas, it's not unusual for rainwater to enter your home or commercial building. You can end up with a slow roof leak if the roof shifts, a nail becomes loose, or the seal around them becomes old and cracked.

Debris & Gutter Backups

Having clogged gutters will cause rainwater to back up on your roof as it tries to drain. The moisture that leaks from your roof increases because of this. As well as causing the same problem, debris such as twigs, leaves, and pine needles can make your gutters even dirtier.


There are often holes left behind when items mounted on your roof shift or are removed, such as antennas and satellite dishes, which seem like a no-brainer. You may find that water slowly leaks into your attic if the remaining holes are not sealed.

Repairing Process

In the first instance, the salesperson will speak with the onsite point of contact inside the building. If we notice any water stains or active leaks inside, we will look at them then. We look at the type of deck on the building and remove any ceiling tiles. The deck can be accessed between the roofline and any ceiling tiles that are present. Our goal at this point is to detect any obvious roof penetrations caused by water or other elements. As well, we would like to determine whether the water is from condensation from the air conditioners. There are times when we can detect roof penetrations in this way, but sometimes not.

Next, we will climb onto the roof. Our next step is to look for any holes or open seams that might be causing the leak.

To determine if any of the insulation is wet at the entry point, we can use density gauges or infrared cameras (used at night only) during the daytime.

At this point, the problem area has been thoroughly investigated and identified. A proposal with photographic documentation of our findings will be prepared by our team now. We will schedule a service crew to come out and do the repair as soon as the proposal or NTE (not to exceed) work order is signed! In no time at all, you will be back in business as usual. Plus, you'll have a dry roof and ceiling.

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