The Rooster is traditionally considered to be a favorable sign. His crow signals the break of dawn and the beginning of a fresh start, driving away the ghosts and evil spirits of the night. The only creature of the Chinese zodiac with wings and, per se, is regarded as the messenger that attaches the two worlds of heaven and earth.

He has five virtues: knowledge, military expertise, courage, benevolence and credibility. His crest, `Kwan', means coronet, and stands for pen, the symbol of knowledge, while his claw represents the sword of military skills. The courageous Rooster fights till the end without moving away when confronted by an opponent. He shares it to show his compassion when he finds food and he shows his reliability by never failing to show off on time.

Almost every place with a country setting will not be real without an image of a rooster. This avian turns out to be a staple of any country-inspired interior design whether it comes as a basket, a statue, a wall hanging, a bookend or any decorative item. But while most people would appreciate it because of its rustic and homey charm, there is much more going on behind it. In fact, there are many stories and traditions associated with this animal than most would be aware of.

The rooster crowed three times when Peter, the apostle, denied Jesus according to the Bible. This signified the beginning of the Passion of Christ but in modern times, it represents infidelity. The animal, often seen on weather vanes atop Churches, is also a traditional reminder for people to follow the good direction and to be eternally watchful of evil forces. Walk to Emmaus, the international Catholic indoctrination group, has adopted its colorful image as a sign of their group's tribute to God's colorful creations because of the depth of the rooster's roots in the Christian faith.

For the Chinese, the rooster is a symbol of good fortune and is one of the twelve zodiac signs. They believe that the world is filled with positive and negative energies or Yin and Yang and the only way for people to live harmoniously is to maintain these two forces in perfect balance. The rooster is considered to be a positive energy which has the capacity to influence the overall energies of the world in a positive way. Chinese believe the animal is a sign of fidelity as well as moral fortitude and honesty while for Christians it represents Peter's infidelity.

There are a lot of other explanations of the rooster as it is used by a variety of organizations and even nations all over the world. People who dream of it are said to be reminded of life passing by, while the Greeks believed it was how the gods proclaimed their making of a new day. In Italy, it is highly valued for having saved an entire village from their opponents when it crowed constantly and awakened everybody while some say it is highly honored by the animal kingdom, including lions.

Today, we can easily buy different sorts of rooster-inspired decor and it has never been easier to find them. The Internet has certainly played the most important role in keeping the grand traditions after this humble animal alive. We can find a variety of stores devoted to rooster products which a lot now believe are far more than their financial value on the Internet.

Be guaranteed that you will have no problem in locating his image no matter what course you may choose to pursue in employing rooster themes in your home décor. Owing to the long history of rooster decor in the United States, there are frequently items at garage sales and flea markets and even antique shops.

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Whether as Christianity or good luck symbols, rooster kitchen décor and other metal rooster items are always a welcome addition to any home that lives on the spirit that is represented by the storied animal.