In simple words Rosacea may be defined as that condition of the skin where redness or red spots appears on the skin of the face, thus making the veins visible on the face of a person. There are lots of people, who are mistaken with the emergence of rosacea and consider it as the condition of acne or as the problem of skin allergy. Surprisingly, the condition of rosacea is different from these problems and can happen to any person, especially the women who are extremely beautiful. The symptoms of this problem stay for a few weeks to a few months and automatically diminish temporarily. It would be interested to know that there is no permanent treatment of this problem, but still if the treatment is taken from expert skin doctor the problem could be controlled to a huge extent from extending.

Symptoms of Fascia: As referred above, there is not any particular treatment available for the problem of rosacea, but still, there are certain methods which are helpful in controlling its impacts by knowing the symptoms of its emergence. Therefore, if you notice any of the following symptoms on any of the persons known to you, it would be better to visit any of the skin care centre offering the treatment of rosacea in Melbourne or throughout the world.

1. Red face: If you continuously notice red marks on the cheeks or central portion on the face of a person, then it is an indication that he is suffering from the problem of rosacea. The commonly affected portions of the face include nose, cheeks and chin.

2. Problem in eyes: A person suffering from rosacea report to suffer from the problem of eye dryness, irritation, swollen and reddened eyelids.

3. Red patches on face: There are lots of people who witness the symptoms of pimples similar to acne on their face. Sometimes these pimples have pus present in them, which make the skin hot and tender.

4. Swollen nose: There are chances that a person suffering from the problem of resource might notice the problem of swelling on the nose, thus, making his nose look bulbous. This , symptom, however, mainly appear in men and not in women.

Causes of Rosacea: After understanding the symptoms of this problem, it now becomes imperative for us to know the reasons behind its origin. Surprisingly, there is not a particular reason behind the emergence of this problem, but there are various factors which could speed up the flow of blood across the veins of your face, and exploring the problem. But, still, there are some factors, which could be considered responsible for extending the disease of rosacea in a person.

1. Ultraviolet rays of sun and wind;

2. Hot temperature;

3. Spicy and hot food and drinks;

4. Hard drinks;

5. Side affects of cosmetics;

6. Exercise;

7. Use of drugs that are helpful in increasing the pressure of blood throughout the body.

Treatment of Rosacea: Although, there is not any particular treatment available for the rosacea, but still there are certain methods by which the dermatologist can help in controlling it from spreading. This, however, depends upon the condition of your skin.

1. Use of antibiotics: The intake of antibiotics is helpful in minimizing the origin of certain bacterias that are responsible behind the emergence of this problem. The regular use of antibiotics help in controlling inflammation and itchness.

2. Medicines: Going through the increasing problem of this diseases various new medicines are being invented by the scientists that are effective in minimizing the redness. Today, you can find plethora of ointments available in the market that helpful in controlling the problem within the span of twelve hours after their application on the affected portion of the face. Interestingly, by regular use these ointments the problem can be controlled to a huge extent.

3. Laser therapy: In recent years, the use of laser therapy has emerged as the instant way of curing the emergence of various skin problems and interestingly, the problem of rosacea is not an exception to it. The use of laser rays plays an incredible role in controlling the redness of exposed veins.

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In short, it can be said, that the problem of rosacea can be treated, if diagnosed on time by an expert dermatologist.