Historically, roses are very old and have a long colorful history. As per fossil evidences, the roses are 35 million years old. Around 30,000 varieties of roses are present today and a Rose has the most complicated biological structure of any other known flower species.
It is found that Roses are first cultivated around 5000 years ago in Asia. These are the important part of the human life since then and rose’s beauty is mentioned in many great tales of the ancient world.

Throughout the ages roses had been the part of enormous beautiful stories. In one of the interesting story, two great Hindu Lords, Brahma (who creates the world) and Vishnu (who protects and feeds the world) argued over rose’s importance, whether the lotus is more beautiful than the rose. Vishnu supported the rose and Brahma was with the lotus. But fact was that Brahma had never seen a rose before and when he saw the rose, he instantaneously recanted. He was so much astonished by the rose’s dignity that to Brahma reward Vishnu for introducing him to see the rose’s beauty, he created a bride for Vishnu a named her Lakshmi- fact was, she was created from 108 large and 1008 small rose petals.

The rose is world’s favorite flower and is rightly called so because it is an exceptional plant. Rose has become so popular and widely accepted and loved in recent times that no other flower has ever gone near to that. In temperate climates, roses are grown more favorably than any other decorative plant, and as cut flowers roses are truly unavoidable that they are forever in fashion. By estimated calculations it is found that every year round about 150 million plants are purchased by gardeners worldwide, and now it is quite evident that deeply researched breeding programs have produced a plant which has seized the world's cut flower market. The annual crop is calculated in tons. The perfume industry is largely contributed by roses. Lots of scents are retrieved from roses and turned into beautiful fragrances, which are now being endorsed by big names in the commercial market.
In roses, there are so many varieties that each one has different sizes, types and even different number of flowers. Some of these are easier to grow and some takes more hard work and sweat. I like to have early success when I start a project like this, so I will almost always choose the type of roses that will build my rose growing confidence. In my personal experience, I preferably choose the rose species that enhance my rose growing confidence. You may like more challenges, for that take a look at different types of roses and their growing techniques and work with that for you. Rose plantation is an art because rose is a natural beauty which touches everyone’s heart, so it is not so easy growing roses to that utmost beauty without a hard spell toiling effort. Each type of roses requires a lot of water pouring and it is important for fertilizing roses to spread to proper maintenance of their growth rate when blooming. One important point in water treatment to consider is that already water stressed rose plants should not be fertilized until they recovered.

In summers due to strong heat soil gets dry and water is drained from soil. So rose plants need more water than it requires in the winter season. Even if rain comes in summer and pours some water on rose plants, then also rose plants are needed to be poured with water, as few normal showers cannot give sufficient moisture for adequate growth of plants. Fertilization and providing supplements and extra nutrients to roses is very essential as roses grow very dynamically once these get bloomed. These require extra bit of care to maintain that growth. The major nutrients for healthy growth are potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.
SO If someone has gardening a passion and especially having a love for roses then one has to be very dedicated to growth of rose. Moreover, apart from mare passion and interest, rose’s cultivation can return a lot through it market acceptance.

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