Rosetta Qadhi is the CEO of the Think & Grow Rich Caribbean Institute. Since childhood, Rosetta has found visualization and imagination her strengths. But little did she know that this stimulus was a path to attracting success and wealth.  

Rosetta's ethics circle redesigning life.

Rosetta Q is the epitome of all the challenges and possibilities that individuals face and will face in the future. She is the CEO of the Think & Grow Rich Caribbean Institute, which has been experiencing multiple challenges and systemic transformations that are constantly intensifying in terms of balance, intricacy, and wealth. It is all about dreaming and aiming big. But are words enough to comprehend the complexity behind this larger-than-life goal? No, certainly not! For that reason, Rosetta's Life Redesign workshops are the talk of the town these days.

So what is the core of Life Redesign Workshops? 

Rosetta replied: Let's play a little with the imagination. Imagine that you want to go to the opening of a new theater. What is the first thing you need? The direction. If you do not have the address, you will likely never arrive or spend a lot of work finding the place. If you want to move, to take action, you need to know where you want to go.

For years, I have asked this question to people, from shoe shiners to executives, military, poor, rich, adults, children, etc. What do you want and expect from life? The first response I receive is a gesture of bewilderment followed, generally, by a vague verbal response such as: "I want to be happy," "health," "love," "peace," etc. After delving into the subject a bit, they reply, "I don't know." 

Henceforth, most of the problems we face daily are the result of poor planning and management. Suppose you don't know what you want and expect from life. It can be dicey because not learning how to channel your energy correctly in one direction can turn against you, and frustrations can destroy you or reduce your ability to act. Another possible consequence is that you become impressionable, and someone manipulates you in their favor.

What do you think happens with all the young people who join gangs, people who join strange cults, drugs, and other problems? They result from a lost personality, finding "acceptance" and "refuge" in someone else. The result of these false addresses is frustration, destruction, and pain.

How do I edge my statement? I will share with you a secret recipe from one of our Life Redesign Workshops. 

The secret is to make a map, says Rosetta. 

The first step is to determine your desired state. How do you want to be? It perfectly describes where you want to be in 20 years. Physically, financially, socially, and spiritually. It's not just about mentioning it. The more specific and detailed the map, the better. When you have it ready for 20 years, repeat the process for 15, 10, 5, and 1 year.

Second step: Since you have specifically determined where you want to go, you must know where you are. This is to assess your current state. How are you currently physically, economically, socially, and spiritually?

You have to detail everything you like about yourself and everything you don't like. What are your qualities and abilities, as well as your flaws?

"Know thyself," said the master, "what if I don't like myself?" 

Rosetta explains: The development of these first two steps is slow and requires a lot of concentration. It's up to you. Next week we will close the circle. How long has it been since you sat in a room with good music and in front of a group of blank papers and began redesigning your life? The most important thing in this world for YOU is YOU, and there is always time to develop or look at the map. Only in this way will we get lost less and arrive on time to see the function.

Rosetta reflects: There is a big difference between surviving life and designing a life. 

Don't go through life behind your back. Choose the work you want to see and when. Plan and enjoy the function with preferential tickets.

In the same way that when you are going to do a project, you first make a design so you can do what you want to have in your life.

When you build a new house, first you make a design of the plans of how you want it to be. You imagine it with all the details you want it to have. You visualize it in your mind, and you capture it on paper and then build it.

Why do you think you can't do the same with your life? 

Why not create a design of what you want to be or have? Your life is the most precious thing you have. And yet you let yourself be carried away by the design that other people are doing for you.

Maybe you call it fate. However, destiny is also designed because, as you know, every action reacts. So your future is not random but the result of something of an effort that, at some point, you or perhaps another person have promoted.

Rosetta maps down 3 basic steps in her Life Redesign workshop:

If you want to get something, you must first take some action that leads to getting it.


Step 1: BE. 

First, you have to feel like the person you want to be. Observe other people who have achieved it. Are they already how you want to be? That is why, as they say, "Fake it till you make it, "act as if you were until you are.

Step 2:DO. 

Once you are or have learned to act as if you were, take action. Do whatever it takes to get it.

Step 3: HAVE. 

When you are and take action, you get what you want.

Rosetta Q's Life Redesign Workshops reflect on channeling the inner YOU!

Rosetta bounces on how reality is created twice: first in your mind and then on the physical level. And the mind does not distinguish between the real and the imaginary.

It is important to visualize it as if you already had it, if you had already achieved it. And not only that. You have to feel that you are there. Act as if you had achieved what you imagined. Feel the same emotions you would feel if it were. Because in your mind, it has been like that. 

Life is the most demanding. 

Don't let your outlook depend on the circumstances. Do not give power to the external. Choose your assertiveness, whatever the circumstances, so that it expresses the person you want to be. The frustration, suffering, and stress come from the story you tell yourself and how you react, not from their circumstances. Change your approach, and the frustration and stress will disappear.

Life is a wonderful gift. It's up to you what you do with it. You have what you choose by action or omission.

Choose the beliefs that empower you, not the ones that weaken you. Take care of your way of thinking and stop doing it automatically.

"I assure you it works. It has worked for me, so I can endorse that it will also work for you." 

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