Most of us have routines. We do this, then we do that. I think routines are great containers for our lives. They provide a space in which to explore and live life fully. However, if the routine is not serving our highest interests, then perhaps its time to re-evaluate your routine and create a stronger container.

My daily routine looks like this: I awaken, sit for meditation, stretch, eat and go to work. Throughout my work day which consists of seeing clients, skyping or phoning distance clients and time at my computer.

Did I mention I have THE best job, it suits me perfectly! Granted, I have a great boss (yours truly 8-) and the very best job in the world. I get to help people release the filters that keep them out of alignment with their truest Self — my clients use their relationships with themselves, others and Life as a yoga mat, releasing tension and experiencing the sweetest union.

At the end of my work day, I gather up my dogs for a walk, have a longer stretch session, have dinner and relax in the evening with a book or TV. On the weekends, my routine is a Saturday morning yoga class, walks, and plenty of time to follow my nose.

Routines serve as great containers for creating the kind of life your heart is calling out for. If your life is feeling a little chaotic or not quite satisfying, you could take a look at your routines. What small changes might you make in your routine to create a strong container for your life? Of course, a retreat is a fantastic way to investigate the routines of your life. If you need a little help with this, check out my award-winning book, An Illumined Life ~ A Personal Retreat & Reflection Guide.

Author's Bio: 

For more than 25 years, I have been helping people cultivate rich relationships with themselves, others and Life. A long-time yoga practitioner and meditator, I see relationship as one of Life’s perfect practice spaces for experiencing yoga. My understanding of the sanskrit term yoga is that it means union with the Divine in yourself, others and Life. It is my intention to generously share tools and practices that support your personal and spiritual growth, using relationship as the practice ground. In this way, you learn to take your relationship with yourself, with others and with Life to the next level, exploring and practicing the yoga of relationship.