Scroll cards, also known as Farman are traditional Indian cards used by kings and queens to deliver the message in ancient times. These days, the same scroll invitations cards are utilized in a number of events, mostly in wedding functions to invite the relatives. These are popular due to their magnificent and majestic look. The best thing about them is their royal look which instantly increases the reputation and status of the sending party. The beauty of these roll-open cards is just out of the world and they are mainly made of colorful handmade paper, imported tissue paper, velvet and cloth. The packaging and detailing is yet another excellent thing with that which improves the beauty of them. The cards are the epitome of royal design and are adorned with a number of prints to give a rich look. These cards are encased in an attractive silver or golden case with traditional designs on it. All in whole, the scroll invitations just look awesome and provide a royal feel at the very first sight.

The name of bride, groom and other details are printed on the cards in very elegant manner. There is first and foremost important requirement of any wedding invitation is that is should be able to catch the attention of the recipient as soon as he gets it. This is the specialty with these scroll invitations as the look they provide is really capable of catching their eye. Gone are the days when wedding invitations were just meant to invite the relatives. Nowadays, they are more of a status symbol than just invitation. Any person makes a clear notion about the quality of the wedding and status of the wedding party just by browsing the invitation cards. Hence, it becomes a necessity to make the starting rocking by delivering the invitation in such a way no one has any kind of confusion about the quality of the marriage. To decorate these scroll invitations, there are a number of supplies available like beads, threads, golden or silver work and crystal embellishments. They provide royal impact to the cards.

Scroll invitations cards are a perfect synthesis of art, design, aesthetics and utility and no one wants to compromise with the quality of them. As marriage is a single moment in anyone’s life, not making it perfect and elegant is something which may leave a feel of regret later on. Undoubtedly these cards are a bit high priced then the general paper cards but the point is, the elegance they carry is unmatchable and spending some extra bucks to get the huge positive aspect is really a beneficial deal. Therefore, using vision, creativity, focus and experience, these scroll invitations cards has become one of the most popular means of inviting the near and dears. The exceptional expertise of adding a dash of creativity with a dollop of emotions and sprinkle of feeling is only possible with scroll cards.

All of them are equipped with stunning looks and elegant designs. Many people nowadays are considering purchasing scrolls cards for their wedding. They are not just modern and unique looking, but stand out in the crowd of other styles.

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