Why Back Offices Need RPA:

The general functioning of a conventional back office is passive. That is, inefficiencies and apparent failures are frequently discovered, sometimes regrettably late. It is equally vulnerable to human errors. Repetitive, mundane back office tasks eat into valuable time.
When data gushes in every day, it is important to sort through, understand and act preemptively and
intelligently on it.

Businesses are pulling out all stops to integrate client-facing front office operations with Robotic Process
Automation solutions. It is equally essential to include the back office too in the scheme of things. They
need the best RPA software solutions to automate back office functions seamlessly. When the rest of
the firm’s operations are technology driven, having a conventional back office is like straying into the
dark side of the moon.

Robotic Process Automation is taking over the back office
Accurate, time-saving solutions with predictive efficiency can be integrated into your business systems
with Robotic Process Automation. Integrating RPA software to business operations lowers costs, cuts
time and leads to a satisfying user experience. Phykon's been leading the pack with the best automation
software that trims repetitive, administrative tasks to save time and find easy solutions.

Increase throughput:

RPA brings efficiency and outcomes to back offices. Deploying automation to everyday administrative processes leaves you with more time to add value to your business.
Automation solutions optimize work processes to increase operational efficiency — Repeatable tasks are managed better, workflow gets standardized, processes become consistent, reliance on multiple systems is reduced.

Eliminate Errors:
Manual systems are ripe for errors and these errors can be expensive. It can impact revenue in transactional businesses due to failed or incorrect transactions. Sometimes errors can cost businesses their customers too. Incorrect billing or delivery failures can affect the customer experience.Do away with inefficient manual workarounds with the best RPA solutions from Phykon. Bump up accuracy and reduce the risk of errors.

Cost savings:
When you invest in RPA assisted back office support, the favourable cost differential is substantial enough to justify the financial sense of such a decision as well.

Faster services:
Automated systems gets more work done in less time. It also means instant access to data without having to switch between multiple systems.

Improved customer service:
RPA can deliver a higher quality of customer service bringing improvements in speed, efficiency and convenience. Customer requests and claims can be processed faster by invoking the required data instantly.

RPA can be integrated into the business systems without breaking the bank. Phykon provides affordable RPA software that works in tandem with your existing business systems.

Applications of RPA at work:

Human resource functions from hiring to separation can be partly automated. Employee sourcing, payroll calculation, tracking employee timesheets, monitoring attendance, updating employee records, onboarding/offboarding, etc. can be automated, freeing up enough bandwidth for HR personnel to focus on improving employees’ work performance.

The finance support function in a company benefits from RPA in bank reconciliation, generating daily reports and processing financial statements. Discrepancies and fraudulent transactions can be unearthed, in a fraction of the time a human spends on it. In the banking industry, loan processing and KYC compliance can be made easier and faster with RPA support.

RPA assisted contact center solutions make customer service smoother and more efficient. A service
agent can provide information within seconds, while on call. Providing billing information, tracing order
status, updating the account, etc. can be done faster, improving customer experience.

RPA chat support can solve many customer service and scalability issues faced by most businesses. It
increases self-service, provides support round-the-clock, and reduces costs and call volume at the
customer contact centre.

Agility in back office operations is imperative to the smooth running of any firm. A smart back office can
be equated with greater operational efficiency and smarter financial management. Applications of
automation in the back office are broad. A step up in the collaboration between humans and RPA assisted automation will be seen in future, with humans doing what they are best at – value added decision-making, while RPA powered systems do repetitive tasks, with accuracy.For details contact us on https://phykon.com/contact

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