Rubber is one of the worlds most used materials and it has presence in virtually every market segment across the globe. Mats are one type of product that makes liberal use of rubber. After all, rubber is cheap, durable and can be molded and colored to customers specifications. Rubber matting can be broken up into a few categories depending on its use. As such, we have everything from gym mats, bathroom mats to those used in the kitchen.

The basic role of rubber matting is to ensure that your feet are dry and free from dirt. As such, it is more of a home safety item rather than an aesthetic one. They are especially useful should you have children or the elderly living at home as any fall could potentially be disastrous. Children on the other hand have a knack of bruising themselves from falls regardless of the environment. The most basic type of rubber matting being sold around the world is the humble entrance mat. All forms of rubber matting are usually made from durable rubber materials to prolong its lifespan. Additionally, they are used for both the outdoors as well as indoors.

Kitchen Matting

The kitchen is one of two places within the home that makes good use of rubber matting. This is because the kitchen is an area of high activity. It is not uncommon for the kitchen floors to be wet and greasy after a few hours of cooking. As such, this area can become a walking hazard. Most types of kitchen matting features holes that allow any liquids to drain off. These mats are also high grip variants due to the type of thread patterns featured on the product. They must also be able to deal with grease effectively and you will usually find these variants being sold as “heavy duty kitchen mats”.

Bathroom Matting

The bathroom is another area that is very hazardous due to the fact that its floors are wet much of the time. As such, slips and falls occur in the bathroom alarmingly often. Most types of bathroom mats are made from materials that absorb water very well. But being absorbent isn’t good enough, it must also allow easy gripping in wet environments. For that reason, rubber is the ideal material. Water hog mats are therefore some of the most popular bathroom variants being sold today. They may also have other features to ensure dry floors such as water damn borders that traps liquids effectively. They are usually raised to ensure the feet stay off the wet floor.

Gym Matting

Gyms are another area that makes use of rubber matting. This is because of the large amounts of moisture in the form of sweat the gym has to deal with. As such, they are a necessary safety item for those environments. Modern technology has allowed for anti-fatigue mats, which allow customers to remain on their feet for longer periods of time without tiring out too quickly. They are also designed to alleviate any lower back pains and are generally very comfortable for our feet.

Regardless of the environment, you’ll find that rubber matting has many benefits that are generally not found in mats that are made from other materials.

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