Rugby is a team sport which is said to have its origin in England. Similar to football, Rugby is played in two teams where the player needs to carry the ball in his hand and move forward. Rugby ball is oval-shaped and have different types:

Cheap Rugby ball – These types of rugby balls come in attractive colours. They are made up of high-quality raw materials and are strong and durable.

Foam Rugby ball – Foam rugby balls are easy to control and are specially designed to cover long distance easily when thrown. They come in different sizes, as per the requirement of the customer and are made from high grade rubber.

Kids Rugby ball – As the name suggests, these balls are mainly used by the kids while playing rugby matches. Kids Rugby Balls come in attractive colour combinations and designs and are very strong so that it can resist wear and tears. These are quite long-lasting.

Mini Rugby ball – Mini rugby balls are comparatively small in size, however, it's size and weight remain as per official standard. These balls are highly recommended for all weather conditions.

Apart from these, there are Rugby Training balls, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5 Rugby balls, Size 4.5 Transition Rugby balls etc. which are used for different matches. For example, Size 4.5 Transition Rugby balls are mainly used by women and youngsters who are moving from Size 4 to Size 5 ball. This ball gives them the confidence of handling a larger ball. Size 3 balls are used for rugby training and matches under 7, under 8 and under 9.

Now that you have an idea about the types of rugby balls, let us discuss about Rugby Ball Manufacturers. There are number of online stores, who are suppliers cum manufacturers of rugby balls. As applicable for any item, buying a rugby ball online, instead of visiting a store, will save your time and energy. And at the same time, you can avail numerous options which may not be available in the brick and mortar sports stores. However, before choosing any website for ordering, you should always compare prices between different websites. You will find difference of prices because those who are rugby ball manufacturers cum suppliers will sell at a cheaper price than others who are not manufacturers. Not only cheap price, there are other factors also which needs to be considered while buying a rugby ball online. Quality is definitely a priority. Before choosing any website, kindly go through the background of that manufacturer and have a look on the following points:

Does the manufacturer has its own well-equipped manufacturing unit

Whether the manufacturer is using modern machineries with modern quality control techniques

Whether customization of rugby balls is available

Distribution network and customer reviews

Are they delivering the product fast enough

Packaging quality

These are some of the basic checks which are always advisable to do before choosing any rugby ball manufacturer. Therefore, compare different websites, find out the best one, buy a good quality rugby ball and enjoy the match.

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