What do you imagine when the word interior decor comes to your mind? The wall decor? The curtains? Or the shimmery lights? Did you ever think about rugs and carpets, one of the most integral parts of the decor? A piece that cannot be missed at any cost! These are leading the trend market so dynamically!

And on the top of everything, these are the perfect anchors without which your home is incomplete. 

There are times when people forget to think about the material of the rug, and they emphasize more on the style, design and price. The textures are quite often overlooked which results in one more investment or further replacement of the product. Therefore, it's better to check the quality and the advantages offered by the rugs and carpets at the very first and be safe for the rest of your lives.

Below are mentioned the different materials of them. Do have a look and pick the one you like!

Exotic silk rugs and carpet

Silk is something that is known for its sumptuous and graceful appeal and touch. It is highly delicate and comes with a plushy appeal that feels like a feather touch when you plop on it. It is one of the most luxurious choices of carpet for the living room.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that these demands high maintenance and can be ruined quite easily if not kept properly. When you spread it on the floor, the satiny sheen appearance of the rug flaunts at its best and can elevate the look of your living room in a blink of an eye.

Please place it in the areas with less traffic as these are more of a decorative element rather than a roughly usable one. If you want to bring an unconventional uplift to the entire decor, then you can go for some decorative elements too with the rug.

Plush and affordable cotton rugs and carpets

Cotton rugs and carpets are one of the most popular and used rugs all over the world. You can easily spot them in every second home. These are not as soft and plush as silk and wool, but the thing that makes them accepted is their affordability, comfortability and their easy to clean nature.

While searching online, you will find a great variety of different styles like weave-styles, colors, patterns, etc. With investing in them, you are going to make one of the wisest investments as these will not cost you much and will give you something that lasts for an extended period.

Cozy woolen rugs and carpets

If you are looking for some classy and casual rugs for the living room, then here is your pick.

These add a dash of calmness and tranquillity to the living room; these have an unbeatable charm of their own that can become the cynosure of all the eyes in one glance. With being beautiful in appeal, these give the best functionality too as these are soft, durable and very much easy to clean.

You can count on them for absorption and insulation too. So, now, you must be clear with the form and function they provide. How about having one in your home today itself?

Purely rustic rugs and carpets

These comprise of jute, seagrass and sisal. Do you know what these three bring to the table? A lustrous appeal, a whimsical finish and everything that makes a place worth drooling over!

These are handwoven, versatile and natural. On top of everything, these are durable and offer you a long-lasting piece of decor too.

Don't be scared when the shrink and expand as these changes occur to them with the changes in humidity. So, you know where to place them in the home? Undoubtedly the areas with low humidity and less traffic.

If you want to make your home scintillating and your floor the most loved parts of the home, then there is nothing better than these options.

Highlight above are the different materials of rugs and carpets. You can have a read and choose which will be best for you!

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