Visa consultancy is important which could be specifically carried out somebody, called as a visa consultant who is willing to help students, with all his knowledge regarding visa and immigration, which are internationally relocating. The major provision given by any visa consultant is to make their clients aware about all the legal struggles they might have to go through if they don’t submit all the documents properly. They also assist their clients while their relocation for the smooth documentation of their immigration and Canada study visa.

Canada having so many cosmopolitan cities to visit gives you so many reasons to visit Canada. It is a clean, safe and multicultural destination to visit which has also been known as one of the world’s most liveable countries. Apart from this, its degrees are internationally recognized plus the study fee is cost-effective which makes it even easier for students relying on scholarships and part-time job salaries. These particular reasons make Canada a favoured destination to be discussed among Indian as well as International students to choose Canada for their further studies. But idea or a simple thought of studying in Canada is just the beginning of that idea while you have to make a whole plan to properly execute your journey and stay. And the first and foremost step is Canada student visa which acts like a permit for you to peacefully study and stay in Canada without any struggles.
Most importantly, it is quite popular among the Indian as well as International students because of its high quality of education provisions available for all types of students, working off campus or part-time jobs. Canada being ranked as the 4th most reputed country of the world for scientific research which makes it more importance as a place for further education.

Whether you are willing to study in India or abroad but there are a set of rules that one has to and must follow to be counted as a good citizen, following all the legal advises as per the guidelines.

So in some cases, the study permit also known as Canada study visa is not required to study in Canada and in that case you can freely study under those mentioned circumstances, without facing any struggles. Some of those rare cases are:

• If the program or the course you are willingly pursuing has 6 months duration then there will be no need to apply for study visa in Canada.

• If you are a relative or family member or staff of a foreign representative in Canada then you won’t have to worry about the permit.
• And if you are member of foreign armed force then you don’t require a study permit.
Now if we talk about eligibilities required to study in Canada then there are certain criteria under which you need to fall so as to study in Canada. The criteria listed to study in Canada are as follows:
1. You should have been accepted by any school, college, university or institute of Canada so as to be able to be called as a Canadian student.
2. You must show any proof possible to show that you would be able to manage with all the expenses while living in Canada.
3. You must behave like a righteous and lawful citizen of Canada rather than being a risk to the security of Canada.
4. You should be capable enough to fulfil a medical test procedure to prove that you are fit enough.
5. You should be able to satisfy the immigration officer that you are going to leave Canada only when your authorized stay period comes to an end.

Well, even if you are willing to work as a student in Canada then also there are a few guidelines that need to be followed so that you fall under the category of virtuous and righteous people following and abiding the rulebook. In order to work while studying in Canada, one has to be under a certain category which is:

• On campus without working permit
• Off campus with a working permit
• In co-op and internship programs, in these work experience is a must since it is counted as a part of the syllabus.

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