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Been ever at a loss for words? Can’t seem to get your thoughts on for your articles, videos, blog posts and social media content? If you are shaking your head, well its either you are the great Stephen King or you just gave me a great big fat lie!
A huge number of us people have gone through the feeling of being stuck and being at a loss of words. We stare at our computer screen for a long time not knowing what to type…Now I would like to share with you 3 simple rules that will increase your “likes and shares” for your articles, videos, blog posts, and social media content.

Rule#1 The audience listens to themselves.
Think for a minute. Who would you rather have a meal with, one who speaks non-stop about himself or one who listens and is interested in what you are saying?
One of the reasons we sometimes get stuck and can’t find anything to write is because we are stuck on ourselves, on what we want. Why not next time we try to write something let us think of the people we are writing for. Let us think of the people we want to make an impact on through our articles, videos, blog posts, or social media content. To help you even more, you can target a specific person, a specific client, someone you have spoken to recently. Think of an advice you would want to give them. What would you tell them? After this you would:
1. Write a concise and informative message.
2. Use language that can be understood quickly. We do not need to use eloquent words, what is important is that we get our point across.
3. Keep a limit on how much you talk about your product or service. Yes, it is important to talk about how great your product or service is, but remember people like you more if you are concerned about them and their problems. When people like you they are more likely to do business with you.

Rule #2
Address your client’s pain and goals. The greatest motivator in the world is pain thus focusing your message on their pain is effective, but make sure that it is not all that you talk about as talking non stop about pain may get a bit boring. And do not forget about talking about your client’s goals, dreams, hopes and of course desires.
Now when you listen to rule #1 and place yourself in your client’s shoes, imagine how their day goes. Imagine what kind of pain, problems they are going through. Also think of their goals. Ask yourself questions like, “what do I really want,” or “what is my ultimate goal in life?” When your client’s pain and goals are addressed, people will most likely reply positively to your articles, videos and other social media content.

Rule #3 Leave your clients wanting more.
When writing online content a good rule of thumb is to keep your content between 500-1200 words. It is important to make your point and leave it at that. According to Paul Hogan: “When you’re onstage, remember the three G’s: Be gracious. Be grateful. Get off.” When you post online content—including articles, videos, blog posts, and social media content—never forget that you are “onstage”. Good speakers, writers and communicators keep their audience wanting more and leave something for their imagination.

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Noah St. John is famous for inventing Afformations® and creating high-impact, customized strategies for fast-growing companies and leading organizations around the world.

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