The biggest achievement of the modern times is the ability to rely on technology for all their needs. With the beginning of a movement where more and more people are migrating to a single app rather than having to go for multiple apps for different purposes, many developers around the world are developing their own on demand mobile apps which can cater to multiple services using a single application. The birth of the Gojek Clone app happened to facilitate this very need.

The Gojek Clone application is one of the world’s most powerful apps that has made multiple services accessible to the users using a single app. You can check the validity from the website analytics tool.

The app is bifurcated into multiple sections, each divided into services based on the categories that they serve. These are:

The On Demand Taxi Booking Services
This part pretty much works exactly like the Uber Clone app. The users can download the app and then use it to book taxis by entering their pick up and drop locations. The app also ensures that the users have the choice of the vehicle type that they want to hire for a ride, based on their budget and their requirements.

The On Demand Parcel Delivery Service
This part is a revolutionary service that enables users to send across parcels from one place to another. Instead of tediously going to the courier office and sending your parcel, the app allows users to hire delivery services which ensure that a professional delivery driver comes to your doorstep to collect the parcel and drops it to the desired destination. There are 2 types in which this service is further categorized within. They are:

Single Delivery: This facility enables users to send across parcels from one place to another. This could be done by selecting the single delivery option and then entering the pickup and drop location.
Multiple Deliveries: This facility enables the users to send across parcels from one place to another. This could be done by selecting the multiple delivery option and then entering the pickup location followed by the multiple drop locations.

The parcel delivery app is very unique because it not only ensures that you can send across smaller parcels but things are bulky and heavy such as bags of cement. There is no upper limit to the number of items that can be sent across. For example, the user can choose to send 100 bags of cement or even one single folder of papers.

On Demand Store Based Services: This section of the app allows users to purchase items and also get these items delivered using the app itself. They do not need to go shopping to a different website and then hire someone to collect the order separately. There are many different types in which this service is used:

On Demand Food Delivery Service/ Restaurant Delivery Service
On Demand Grocery Delivery Services
On Demand Pharmacy Delivery Services
On Demand Alcohol Delivery
On Demand Bottled Water Delivery
On Demand Medicinal Marijuana Delivery
On Demand Bakery Goods Delivery

The App owner has to choice of including or removing as many services as they like from these options. This can be managed using the admin panel of the application.

On Demand Service Provider Hiring: This section allows users to hire as many as 60 different types of services providers. This means that regardless of whether they need a handyman, or an electrician, they can simply log into the app and get the service provider at their homes to offer these services. Many services are included in this, some of them are:
On Demand Beautician
On Demand Massage therapist
On Demand Electrician
On Demand Plumber
On Demand Doctor
On Demand Handyman
On Demand Dog Walker
On Demand Car Wash
On Demand Maid
And more

Purchasing a Ready Made App Vs. Creating a New App

This business model has been around for a while now. Since many users are not flinching from migrating to a single app by removing multiple other ones, many smart entrepreneurs have recognized the importance of using a multi service app like Gojek.

Now, the best thing about this business is that there is a pre-existing app available in the market which means that you don’t have to fret about creating your own app from scratch. With the help of the readymade app, you can test it thoroughly before launching the business.

If you create your app from scratch, you will not be able to test it properly until it is completely ready. In that case, if you need to make any kind of changes in its flow or features, you will have to crack it open and then work on it. That can become very expensive, not to mention time consuming.

Where to get a readymade Gojek Clone App from?
The internet is a true place of magic and wonder. Regardless of what you want, you can take a look at Google and find it out for yourself. While you will get many options for the Gojek Clone app, not each one is fit for business.

Make sure that you look for a white label on demand mobile app Development Company that comes loaded with the mentioned sections and features. A white labelling company with an expert team will be able to re skin the app with your logo and brand name and then launch it on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store for you under your server credentials.

This will ensure that the Gojek Clone app that you launch in the market is safe, profitable and functional. As more and more users find your app to be suiting their needs, the number of downloads and in turn the profitability of your company will grow.

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