Russia has opened a campaign to promote the national language after almost two decades of retreat, hoping to match the country's increasing economic and political confidence.
Persuading foreigners to learn Russian is not an easy task because of the complexity of Russian grammar and the spread of English. Russian's main competitor abroad has also cast its corrosive spell inside Russia, with Russians using numerous English words, like "biznesmen" and "kompyuter" every day.
Once the common language across most of the Communist world, Russian being sidelined, especially in Eastern Europe, where English has replaced it as the favored second language. Russian also suffers from an image problem there, with Czechs, Poles, and residents of other former Warsaw Pact member state resentful at been forced to study a language linked with an occupying foreign power.
The number of mother-tongue Russian speakers also continues to decline. Russia's population is falling by 700,000 every year and stands at 142 million. Therefore, looking after the Russian language and expanding the influence of Russian culture are crucial social and political problems.
According to a recent study, to create a National Russian Language Foundation, the main focus of which is to develop the Russian language at home, support the language study programs abroad and generally to promote Russian language and literature across the world. The Government of Russia has established a website ( in both Russian and English to promote the Russian language. This website, provides details on more than 100 international events and festivals, publications and as well, as plans to build libraries.
Russia is the largest country in the world, taking up 1/7th of the earth’s land area. It spans 11 time zones and is one of the most fascinating places on earth. It is the only country in the world, which is washed by twelve seas. The country is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of rich culture and heritage. Keeping in mind the vastness of this country there are several things, which make this country extremely famous throughout the world. It is because of these popular things that tourists are attracted to this country.
Russian culture considered one of the richest and most influential around the whole world. Russian literature is famous all over the world with writers like Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky. The country is home to more than 190 ethnic groups and while Russian is the official language, people speak English and many other minority languages. Ballet is the most famous art form. The rich tradition of ballet and famous ballet dancers are cultural symbols of Russia. The development of Russian culture is associated with its religious traditions and one gets to examine this better while traveling to this country.
Russia is also currently on the brink of a significant breakthrough in the areas of nanotechnology, science, and culture, and that is why it should be expected that the language will benefit. Hence, Russia is not only popular for its language but also for its lifestyle, food, travel destinations, culture, music, art, and literature as well.

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Laxmon is American and she loves the culture as well as the people of Russia. One thing that she loves about Russia is that their ability to separate a government from its people. Russian has the most interesting history, which make her feel proud.