RV Electrical Connectors Bring It On Mother Nature, SmartPlug Is Ready

Mother Nature and RVers don’t always see eye-to-eye, especially when it comes to cold weather. But with SmartPlugSystems onboard, she can bring on her worst and not affect the safe flow of electricity to the RV, nor dampen the spirits of those who appreciate four-season camping.

When it’s time to plug into the pedestal, the SmartPlug System can’t be beaten. Its SUPERFLEX50 50A 125/250V 30′ dual configuration cord set remains flexible and easy to coil in temperatures down to -58° F.

Unlike traditional twist-type connectors that require exposing fingers to the elements and fumbling with an ice-cold metal or plastic ring, the SmartPlug pushes straight in with one gloved hand. Because it’s asymmetrical, it’s easy to do in near darkness.

Ease of use is only half the equation. Extreme weather puts demands on motorhomes, trailers and truck campers. Whether running a heater or air conditioner, massive loads are placed on an RV’s electrical system. This is where SmartPlug’s innovative technology takes over.

The SmartPlug waterproof connector and inlet have 20 times more metal-to-metal contact than a twist-type device. This maximizes electrical transfer and dramatically decreases the likelihood of overheating, a leading cause of RV fires. Any RVer who has noticed a smoky discoloration on the yellow or white plastic has had a run-in with this common—but potentially deadly—problem.

More and more new RVs are being delivered with SmartPlug technology installed. But because it matches industry standard mounting holes and cutouts, it’s simple to retrofit to any RV.

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Smart Plug Systems is a privately held manufacturing firm specializing in power delivery systems. It was founded in 2007 and is located in Seattle, WA.