Hospitals and doctors have had to rely on clunky desktop based applications or even manually maintained diaries for several years now to schedule appointments and manage their practice. Online medical appointment scheduling systems like Med Appointment bring the latest SAAS based and cloud hosted technology to the medical domain at no added cost. This article gives an overview of some important features Med Appointment offers to hospitals and doctors.
Med Appointment is a free web-based online medical appointment scheduling system. Hospitals and clinics worldwide can use this platform to create their own profile and start scheduling appointments in a matter of minutes. The scheduling system keeps track of online appointments as well as those booked through traditional methods like phones and walk ins. Patients can simply search for doctors from Med Appointment and schedule an appointment online. This appointment gets automatically reflected in the doctor's appointment schedule.Patients are able to book an appointment in advance and that takes place in 7 to 120 days.

Some important features:

1. DOCTOR SETUP: Add doctors and their schedules to the organization and which department/specialization they belong to.

2. SERVICE SETUP: Setup and schedule appointments for equipment based services. Example X-RAY, MRI SCANS, ECG, ULTRASOUND etc.

3. MANAGE MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: Handle schedules for different locations and multiple users with a single login.

4. MANAGE WALK-Ins and PHONE APPOINTMENTS: Book appointments for patients with just their phone number. So this can easily replace any existing appointment scheduling system you already use to handle traditional appointments.

5. REFERRAL MANAGEMENT: Track referrals both within your organization and outside.Patients can refer their Relatives to Doctors using their Universal Hospital Identification Number.

6. CALENDAR BLOCKING: A doctor can block his calendar schedule when he is not available so that no appointments are scheduled during that period

7. SMS/EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: After appointment is booked/cancelled, confirmation notification is sent both to the doctor and to the patients. This notification facility can be turned on/off based on individual preferences. Currently, the SMS notification facility is only available in India and will be extended to hospitals outside the country on a need basis.

8. WAITLIST MANAGEMENT: Patients who are on waiting list are automatically offered the option to move the appointment to the cancelled/unscheduled slot.

9. LIVE CHAT: This setup allows the patient to chat with a hospital representative whenever one is available.

10. APPROVAL SYSTEM: You can configure the system to confirm the appointments scheduled online by patients only once your organization approves it.

11. DEPARTMENT BASED APPOINTMENTS: Schedule appointments for departments with multiple doctors with ease

This system aims to provide the medical community with a simple way of reaching out to their patients and to improve the overall experience for both the doctor and patient by providing patients with the information they need, reducing wait time and by providing an enhanced experience in every aspect of outpatient appointment scheduling.

Author's Bio: 

I've loved working with computers since I was a kid and way back in 1995 well after completing my MBBS, I started a free online Medical Bulletin Board System which was called MBBS - it was phenomenally successful with the 400 odd VSNL users at that time. But connecting to the internet was simply too expensive at that time and after 2 years of operations, I discontinued the bulletin board but the thought of doing something similar for the Medical community stayed at the back of my mind.

After all these years, I once again have the opportunity and resources to build Medical software and so I decided to build a Free Medical Marketing system keeping in mind the needs of today's Doctors and patients.