There are people, places, situations and events in your day-to-day happenings that lurk around just about every which way you turn. One moment you are going about your own business and then from out of the clear blue sky, wham! Sometimes there’s no warning at all. These impairing imposters are just waiting to pounce on your parade, throw a monkey wrench into your spectacular plans and derail your most desired aspirations and delights.

Hold your horses for a moment, my dear. Not all of these disruptive people and events are dead set on harming your hopes and desires, in fact I would venture to speculate that 99% of your damaging affairs are not in any way, shape or form put into action to discourage you, ambush you nor derail your dreams. Being aware and having a plan for situations that require your utmost diligence is a wonderful way for you to see the light and stay on track. Below you will find situations that could rain on your parade and ways of dealing with their daunting likelihood.

~The baking neighbor: sure they are talented, absolutely it is kind of you to accept the cake donation and then it’s time to rid it from your presence when your Betty Crocker friend vacates your premises.
~The staff room: lurking in just about every office break room facility you will find trays, bowls and who knows what else awaiting your arrival and it is usually tons of sugar-filled, processed junk! Walk away from it, walk far, far away and don’t look back!
~The helpful significant other: helpful my bum, sometimes they are cuffed with their dozen donuts or their Chinese takeout or how about their chips and dip. Go to bed, throw it out, sit in another room and utterly avoid contact with the items that will not behoove your goals.
~The girlfriends’ night out: Every so often we hit the town with our buddies and congregate around a table with spreads fit for any queen; however, what our buddies may not realize is that this queen is doing the best she can to slim down. Tell them you need their support; suggest an alternative plan other than going out to eat. Bowling anyone?

There are many opportunities for sabotaging situations to enter your life on a daily basis and it is your job to ward off their attempts at derailing your health and wellness plan. If that means you must take measures into your own hands then so be it. As you travel on your journey it will be you that holds your best interest at heart and no one, yes no one, will be a stronger advocate for your aspirations than you and only you. Take responsibility for yourself and continue to reap the benefits of a strong woman in complete and utter control of her life.

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