Why Bother?
In the 21st century, you might be tempted to say sacred ceremony- why bother? What is so important about sacred ceremony, ancient traditions and the religious traditions of indigenous peoples in a time of space travel, quantum physics, super computers and "streaming" of information.
In our modern world, Ceremony exists on lots of different levels. You have graduation ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, religious ceremonies, religious holidays, the initiation ceremonies of secret organizations. The true purpose of many of our most common ceremonies such as marriage has been lost in the chaos and self imposed pressure to have the most lovely gown, the most perfect venue, the most exquisite food. The true purpose of 12/25 has been lost by focusing upon the symbols, the tree, the gifts.

The School for Sacred Ceremony has a very focused intent. The School for Sacred Ceremony is dedicated to addressing a problem that affects many in this world: A sense of separateness and disconnection from the earth, from other
human beings. The School offers a road map, to finding the way back to the center, the center of yourself through the honoring, the sharing, and the teaching of sacred ceremony as it has evolved from the traditions of the Native Americans.

For indigenous peoples knew a secret. They have protected this secret through generations beyond memory. So simple, so direct. It is the secret and certain knowing that there is no separation between people, cultures, animals, plants, and the very skin and blood of the Earth. We are all connected- to everything. What they knew, and know is that separation is an illusion. The secret- is to create an inner knowing of the great truth of this simple statement; EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING.

The School for Sacred Ceremony is dedicated to bringing this secret to life. We create the actual steps so that you can re-establish this connection, so that you can know and feel the truth of that long held secret. We are all connected. In this modern age of information overload, technological connection and physical isolation and nature deprivation, do you feel a sense of isolation, a lack of purpose? Are you looking for the road home and forgotten where home is?

So why bother with Sacred Ceremony? The answer is, it is a cure for what ails you. It is a simple yet absolutely necessary step to keep you walking on the road home. Do you feel disconnected, as if you don't belong? Creating your own sacred ceremony, and utilizing some of the most powerful of the ancient ceremonies you can place your feet on the "Red Road". You can begin your journey to become one hearted- where the heart, the mind and the spirit are integrated and embodied in all your choices. You can learn the steps to integrate the essence of the Native American teachings with your own life experiences to create for yourself- your own Authentic Sacred Ceremony. Authentic ceremonies based upon some fundamental precepts from the Native American tribes and designed to be relevant in the 21st century.

Look for the announcement of our on line 8 week course and upcoming events. They will be posted in January 2015.

Join us and learn how you can take the steps to begin your journey on the Road Home- to your own center and create an even more meaningful connected life through your own unique sacred ceremonies.

Author's Bio: 

, what do I bring to a School for Sacred Ceremony? The answer is quite a lot. I am a Certified Trainer of Transcendental Rebirthing, a credentialed teacher, a life coach, a Certified Jinn Shin Practitioner, a Certified Breath Worker (Conscious Connected Breathing) and I have earned a Masters degree in education. For 13 years I guided teachers and parents to develop programs for students with special needs. I have edited books such as Unplug your Mind by Ivonne Alexander and Sylvia Dokter, I have co-developed training manuals for The Woodlands School of Breathwork with Dr. Ela Magna, I have edited training manuals for Transcendental Rebirthing. My certifications in Transcendental Rebirthing, Breathwork and Jinn Shin Jyutsu deepened my connection to energy, to the trans=formative power of spirit and intention and the healer within. I also spent over 29 years exploring the traditions of the Native Americans. I have participated in vision quests, healing circles, ceremonial sweats and shamanic drumming circles throughout those years.

I am delighted to offer a certification training to 12 people in the year 2015. 12 people who will be certified to offer sacred ceremonies to support others to re-establish their connections to everything, to discover how sacred ceremony can lead you Home. Ceremony, incorporating the enduring legacies of Native American belief in the unity of creation, the interconnectedness of all life can imbue your life with sacredness, connection and expanded awareness of the brilliance that is possible, to live a wonderful, sacred life filled with awareness and gratitude.