The need for releasing oneself from the tyranny of thought is clear for those who embark on the inward journey. They begin to understand the natural by-products of that release, namely, life’s sacredness and its intrinsic purity.

The accretion of several items on the mind from childhood causes the mind to forget the purity of the unconditioned state from which it begins its journey of life. This accretion is mainly because of the habitual thoughts driven by the psychological atmosphere the child is thrown into. By the time people come to sense this, the mind is already heavily conditioned to the point that, even after being told, many are unable to sense the slavery. However, some do acknowledge this fact and wish to do something about it. You are one among them because, otherwise, you won’t be reading this article! Perhaps, you have already done some work on it, in which case, you will be a catalyst and help others release themselves from the self-created prison.

The thought-projected reality is actually a phantasmagoria, very much like the mirage that an unaware person mistakes for real water. Obviously, living in such illusion will necessarily lead people to a life of unrest and unhappiness – like seeing a snake in the rope. So, the question is: Can one release oneself from the tyranny of the conditioned mind which makes one function like a misguided robot? The answer is ‘Yes’ but how can one go about freeing oneself from the accretion and lead a life of harmony and freedom? If the response to this question is merely verbal, then we cannot go very far. We, therefore, look for the intuition to play a significant role in this journey of discovery. Practicing a method can help, but emotional attachment to it will soon make it counter-productive. This is because functioning from such attachments is the very basis for the accretion. So, then how does the change come?

What can help is the quiet self-awareness which brings about a natural by-stander attitude that makes us sense the way the accretion takes place. This kind of awareness becomes a natural consequence to the eagerness to find a way out of the rut into which we have fallen. Such a journey of discovery produces holistic by-products, two of which are: Sensing the sacredness of relationship and the Purity of aloneness. Here the word ‘relationship’ is used in a comprehensive way to include everything that we come into contact with – the human beings, all the other living beings and even the so-called inanimate things. The unpolluted mind sees sacredness in all such associations and interacts with an intensity of compassion arising out of that kind of relationship. Will such a mind ever step on other’s toes? Will it ever indulge in the mindless destruction of the environment? Will it ever kill animals for food or for sports? Will it ever engage in wars and make families weep for their sons lost in action? Once sacredness permeates one’s relationships, unconditional compassion flows out and harmony reigns.

The other noticeable concomitant factor is that of the aloneness and its intrinsic purity. This aloneness causes a link to be established with everything in life. In contrast, the usual link is through the “I’, ‘Me’ and the ‘Mine’, which is essentially the way of the ego. In the state of aloneness, the holistic link comes from the whole being and so it is not based on the ‘utility value’ of the relationship. When the ego dominates, even the practice of religion becomes one of using God to one’s end. How can there be any sacredness in such a utilitarian approach? That is how many religious attachments have led people to wars. Thus, sectarian religious practices, especially those that claim to be the only way to God, have done more harm than good to humanity.

The aloneness referred to here has nothing to do with the loneliness which is essentially due to the ego thriving on false links. Those in whom the mind is alone do not identify themselves with any group and so have no arguments with anyone. They do not get caught by the psychological fabric of society with its demands for name, fame and the like. Their inner tranquility spreads peace and helps them lead a life of harmony, governed by deep love in everything that they undertake – be it one of constructive activity or sports. People who go through a near death experience are usually moved towards living such a life. The ‘utility’ type approach to life is washed away and there comes a candid relationship with Divinity that no self-centered activity in the name of religion can ever bring about.

Those who feel for the uncorrupted mind and its intrinsic sacredness have a great deal to contribute towards enrichment of their own life and the lives of others. This blue-marble of a planet can become a wonderful and salubrious place for all to live. The reader may look into the website:

Author's Bio: 

Gopalakrishnan TC graduated in 1963 from the then Engineering College, Madras University (now Anna University) in Civil Engineering. Received the Master’s degree from IIT, Madras, while being on the teaching and research faculty there in the Hydraulic Engineering Dept. The doctoral degree was in the field of Coastal Engineering from the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA, in 1978. Served as Asst. Professor in that university for about two years and then worked as a Research Scientist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research for eight years. Presented papers in international conferences.
Became interested in the philosophical aspects of life from the student years at college and spent some time reflecting on them during the active years. Is a member of the International Association for Near Death Studies, Durham, NC, USA, from 2003.