When choosing an engagement ring, it is vitally important to learn how not to give up quality for size.

Learning how to apply the four C’s of diamond quality assessment; clarity, color, cut and carat, or weight, can make all the difference if you wish to choose a gem that actually reflects the beauty and quality you wish to convey to your beloved. When it becomes time to buy diamond rings, it is time to focus on how to wield the knowledge that assures the quality of both gems.

When a diamond is cut, it reveals a unique arrangement of facets, finish and proportion. The cut chosen for a diamond is the key to how well it reflects light back out to the stones surface, which reveals its inner brilliance and fire.

Truly colorless diamonds are rare, as are the colored diamonds that have true intensity and focus to their hue. These diamonds are all of a very high quality, and so the diamonds most of us can afford have at least some degree of hue in them. This is reflected as a result of small impurities on the interior and so they are graded on a scale that goes from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). These standards have been set by the Gemological Institute of America also known more commonly as the GIA.

The clarity of the diamond is graded on a scale that goes from “FL” (meaning flawless) to “I” meaning included, or with inclusions-- which can also be considered as blemishes. This assessment is then reflected by the grade the diamond receives.

Diamond carat is what refers to the weight of the diamond, and is the most commonly recognized measure of quality. It is important to understand and apply all four measurements to the choice-process in order to find the truth in quality we wish to convey as a special message to the one who is receiving the communication through the magnitude of this gift.

It is never wisdom to compromise quality for size. Some shapes can lend to the appearance of size with the cut which affects the size of the surface-table of the gem you are viewing. This makes them appear larger.

A diamond does not have to be perfect in order to be stunningly beautiful. The quality of the settings, the cut, the shape of the stone and the band chosen are all part of the complete experience of viewing a stunning piece of beauty that stands out and emits a quality of brilliant radiance for those who will be enjoying the ring.

This combination of factors can also help to diminish the visual effect of any flaws or imperfections that may be trapped within a stone. It is good to remember that size isn’t everything. As with anything in life-- quality, character, clarity and intensity are all part of the whole picture when selecting a diamond engagement ring your beloved will be living with for the rest of your lives.

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