Halloween in 2020 will be the strangest Halloween ever, but it does not mean it cannot be a spooky and fun one!

Here are ways in which your family can celebrate a safe, yet fun, Halloween.

1. Host a Virtual Costume Contest or Party

Using a video conferencing platform, you can invite your friends and their children to a virtual Halloween party and other fun activities you wish.

2. Organize a Scavenger Hunt in your Back Yard

Create a nighttime scavenger hunt at home. Use glow sticks to light up your backyard.

3. Binge on Scary Movies

You can share the treats while you binge on scary movies without being exposed to the virus.

4. Outdoor Trick-or-Treating with Masks

Halloween costumes have openings for breathing and talking and are not safe to use. Instead, be creative and try decorating a cloth mask to match your child's costume.

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