Driving is something everyone wants to do but few seem to really grasp. And driving education seems to have taken a turn for the worst in recent years. With so many unnecessary accidents, injuries, legal slip-ups and car break-downs, it's clear that drivers lack important safety knowledge for the road. So here are the 5 need-to-know skills every driver should have:

How to Parallel Park
Not only can you waste valuable time by not executing a parallel park correctly, but you can cause damage to other cars, stick out into traffic, or even injure a pedestrian. To properly parallel park, pull up next to the vehicle that you want to be in front of you, crank the wheel toward the curb as you reverse, and turn the wheel back toward the street to straighten out. Remember, practice makes perfect.

How to Change Your Oil
Failing to properly change your oil when it's old or depleted can lead to an overheated engine. If this happens while you're driving, your car could break down, causing an accident on the road. That's why changing oil is a need-to-know skill for every driver.

How to Handle Being Pulled Over
If you've ever been pulled over by police, you know the mixed feeling of confusion and fear. Even if you've done nothing wrong, an encounter with an officer of the law can be daunting. Every driver should understand that the most important thing to do when you see flashing lights behind you is to pull over to side of the road. After that, remove the keys from the ignition and place your hands visibly on the wheel. Then await further instructions. If you are arrested you may need to get in contact with a lawyer, like those from Druyon Law, to help remedy the situation. Knowing your rights and keeping calm is essential during a traffic stop.

How to Change a Flat Tire
If every driver knew how to change a flat tire, they could protect themselves and others from dangerous broken down cars that disrupt the flow of traffic and increase the likelihood of accidents. As every car is different, consult your car's manual and practice this maneuver as an automobile safety precaution.

How to Change Lanes
This one is quite simple. Turn your blinker on, look to your left, your right, in front, an behind you. Then, if the coast is clear, you may turn. Doing this simple step-by-step procedure can prevent fatal accidents.

Driving is a national pastime. The freedom and excitement one feels when behind the wheel is a unique experience. But if you plan to get behind the wheel, you need to be a safe driver. Learn the 5 skills above to make sure you protect yourself and everyone else on the road.

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