Having a safe messenger for police and rescue forces can be used for a lot of very important cases. It can be used as a private emergency communication system (ECS) to communicate over multiple types of devices with signal lights, walkie-talkie functions, live messaging, video calling and streaming video or it can serve as a public emergency notification system to notify users of emergencies. For private groups: governmental organizations or police, creating your own messenger with Zangi is perfect for safe and private file sharing and messaging, so no third parties can ever access your business communication. The backend can be hosted in your data center, and the messenger application will be available only for your authorized users. The app can be available in the App Store and Google Play for public users or it can be completely incognito for private use.

Fast and Direct Messaging
Police, ambulances, rescue and military forces can create your own messenger and coordinate operations and missions with their messenger. By choosing to create your safe messenger for police on top of Zangi’s quality messenger, you will be able to have an already developed system that is fast and reliable. With real-time messages, you can ensure that mission-critical information is immediately sent and received.

Safe Messenger for Police, Emergency Squads and Military
Police, rescue forces, emergency squads, and the military often use insecure messenger services such as Telegram or Whatsapp, because they need to quickly exchange messages, photos or other documents. And even though most messengers today claim that they are secure (aka encrypted), they all have a backdoor if they really need to.
If you choose to create your own messenger with Zangi, you can choose to have as heavy of security and privacy as you need. You can have the communication to be serverless, decentralized and encrypted (that’s how Zangi Messenger works), meaning your communication isn’t stored on any servers or in one place, that can be accessed. Zangi uses tap-proof and military-grade encryption for police, rescue and military forces, with very strong data protection based on German and European standards.

Or you can choose to have the backend hosted in your data center so that only you can have access to it and manage it.

Quick Broadcasting and Walkie-Talkie
You can add different features to your safe messenger to police. Some ideas include adding a digital radio to enable police, ambulances, rescue and military forces to quickly share the news with their teams. An addition of walkie-talkies can also be very helpful, so police or squad members can use a phone instead of carrying around another device. And you won’t have to click any buttons, just raise the device to our mouth, so that your communication is fast and fail-safe.
Group Chats and File Sharing
Zangi features dedicated and targeted communication networks and group chats (messaging, voice messages, calling, video calling) for all relevant teams ( task forces, units, division, brigades, regions, functions, etc.). And they can send each other unlimited files of any type and can delete the files, leaving no traces at all.
Geo-Referencing and Sending Location
In certain operations, it is important that forces know the locations of each other. You can choose to add a geo-referencing function or you can just easily send your location to your teammates in real-time.

To create your own messenger for police, military or emergency use, you can start immediately, without having to hire privacy specialists or experienced programmers. Contact Zagi, let them know of what functions and messaging app feature you would like to add, and they’ll help you with the rest.

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