Two weeks ago I had an interesting discussion with a commenter at an article directory. He said that he disagreed with my translations, giving another interpretation for the meaning of the dream symbol I was analyzing in my article.

I told him that his opinion had no value. The meaning of this dream symbol was discovered after arduous research. The scientific method of dream interpretation is not based on the dream interpreter’s opinion.

He felt offended. He wrote another comment telling me that “Dream interpretation is not a science of absolutes. Much of it depends on sensitivity to what is going on with the dreamer, and there is a certain amount of talent involved.”

This definition is based on erroneous concepts. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is a clear and well-defined translation of the unconscious words. Dreams must not be interpreted based on the dream interpreter’s intuition. The dream interpreter must respect the dream language.

The only talent one must have in order to translate dream images into words is a certain facility with languages and translations. Translating dream images into words is like exactly translating a document written in a complicated language like Greek into a simple language like English.

The dream language is very complex because we have to pay attention to many details. In order to be able to simplify the time consuming method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, I had to translate numerous dreams for many people for nineteen years. You have no idea of how many comparisons I had to analyze. You cannot imagine how many hours, days, or months I had to spend looking for the specific meaning of a certain dream symbol that I couldn’t understand.

My research was quite tiring. I had to pay attention to too many details, remember all them, and then compare these details to many other similar details that had appeared in other dreams of the same people, or in dreams that belonged to dream collections of different dreamers.

First of all, the continuation of Carl Jung’s research was a very dangerous and difficult adventure. Secondly, I had to assume a great responsibility for being obliged to become a doctor. I had to help all dreamers solve their psychological problems and also various daily problems.

Today I can immediately translate dreams. However, in the beginning I used to work according to Jung’s time consuming rhythm. I had to make a tremendous progress and transform a very complicated dream analysis into an instant dream translation.

However, this was only the beginning. I also had to discover what generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

The completion of Carl Jung’s research gave me total vision. Jung had to accept his ignorance and stop his research because he was not prepared to discover the satanic origin of the human being like me. This was a very shocking experience. I had to remember my religiosity in order to bear discovering that the biggest part of the human brain is possessed by craziness.

We inherit a huge wild conscience that is totally absurd. I named it anti-conscience because it keeps trying to destroy our conscience through craziness. This is a shocking reality.

I discovered the origin of the human suffering. We suffer very much in our lives because we are basically satanic creatures. Since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our primitive and wild anti-conscience that has demonic characteristics, this means that we basically demons.

This is the scientific explanation for all the horrors that characterize human behavior, and all the horrors that characterize our world. We are basically demons who possess a tiny human conscience.

However, even though our demonic nature prevails in our psyche, the human side of our conscience must eliminate what is evil and control our behavior. Our tiny human conscience can tame our huge wild conscience if we obey the unconscious guidance in dreams.

We dream in order to learn how to transform our evil anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience, and become real human beings.

Now that I discovered this truth, dream translation became a simple practice. Now we know that all dreams are protective, and work like psychotherapy. Now we know that dreams reflect the fight between our human conscience and our wild anti-conscience.

However, in order to help you easily find sound mental health today, I had to help many patients eliminate their satanic anti-conscience and finally find peace. Many times this was a practically impossible mission. Those who suffer from severe mental illnesses don’t cooperate with their doctor. I had to be extremely patient.

You are very lucky because today you have a map. Now you can easily follow known steps and surely discover the treasure of eternal mental health without wasting your time, and without being exposed to the possibility of facing frustrations. You begin your journey of self-discovery already knowing that you will surely triumph in the end.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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