Many people are willing to go to great lengths to give the appearance of having a dark suntanned body. They may think they look more attractive and healthier if they have a darker complexion. Some, especially young girls, might be influenced by the celebrities they see in magazines and on television. Many of these celebrities seem to have flawlessly tanned skin year round and look like they spend all of their time on the beach. Today there are a number of sun tanner products that can make you look tan without sunning at all.

Although most people now know and understand the risks of overexposure to direct sunlight, many continue to sunbath with little or no skin protection. It is especially tempting at the beach, on a lake, or at a water park. They may think that they will get the most natural look by sunbathing and the longest lasting effect.

Overexposure to the sun's rays very often has a negative effect however. Most people know that it increases the risk of skin cancer, even many years after they have stopped the practice. It can also cause the skin to sag, wrinkle and dry so that people end up looking older than they are instead of looking younger.

People have sought options to basking in the sun. Tanning beds and booths have been more and less popular over the years. Many thought that tanning gradually in these machines reduced the risk of cancer and skin damage. It has become a commonly held belief that tanning beds are as dangerous as sunbathing.

There are tanning pills on the market. Opinions are mixed on how effective they are and how safe they are. These pills are marketed as dietary supplements and are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Early sunless tanning lotion products were imperfect at best. They had a tendency to produce an orange looking color on the user's skin and could be very uneven and streaky. Many found them to have a peculiar smell that was unattractive. These lotions did have the advantage however of giving users the option of appearing tanned without risking the damage that harsh sunlight could cause to unprotected skin. Some people used the sunless tanning lotions and sunbathing in conjunction to try to create the desired look.

Today these lotions are much easier to use and many create a very natural appearance that people are pleased with. In the last few years spray tanning has become a popular way to look tanned and healthy. Sunless tanning salons are taking advantage of this trend and doing great business. There are also sunless tanning sprays available for people who do not want to spend the money on professional tanning sessions. These are economical and practical ways to get the look desired.

Most people want to look as young and as vibrant as they can for as long as they can. A lot of them believe that tanning helps them accomplish those goals. Today's sun tanner products can be used easily and effectively and give skin a healthy glow without the risks of sunbathing.

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by Haywood Hunter

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