Teenage is that phase of life in which a person’s nature is a bit impatient. He or she needs a quick solution to every problem. In that hurry, one sometimes causes damage to oneself unknowingly. Medical problems are more serious than others because health when gone never comes back.

Teenagers want an immediate cure to the disease they are suffering from. They always look for medicine that solves their problem more rapidly. Nowadays, medicines' availability is quite easy as one can order medicines online with no more delays. Now we'll look for some of those problems.

Common ailments in teenage

Teenage is that age in which our hormones are growing more rapidly than in any other age of life, so there are many unwanted effects of these hormonal changes, for example, obesity, acne, hair loss, and many others. Besides hormonal effects, the common diseases are whooping cough, tonsils, which are great trouble for teens, and they want to get rid of these nasty diseases as soon as possible.

The major damage they do in this journey is that they take medicines for every single thing, which can also be cured with little patience all by itself. But the thing is, they have no patience at all. Girls especially are beauty conscious at such an age. They want their pimples to go in a second, so they try different pimple vanishing creams that are not good for their skin and, according to research, contain cancerous substances.

Another example in this regard is tonsils, which are common to all teens irrespective of gender. It causes them to a sleeping disorder, which is the main problem, and to overcome this; they take an overdose of the medicine prescribed by their doctors. Results are many other disorders that are side-effects of such an action.

The depression-a deadly ailment in teenagers 

In this world of technology, we cannot set this fact aside that we have abandoned our near and dears for the sake of our so-called busy routine. This has directly to do with our teenagers' depression. The major problem with this mental sickness is that it is not identified at the level when it can be easily cured. Rather the majority of people don't take it seriously and let them cure on its own.

The above were those who don't realize the disease, or if they do, they don't medicate themselves because they are afraid of becoming an addict. The third category is of those who spot their depression timely and also start taking anti-depressants. Still, their mistake is to become their doctors who are not properly consulting doctors or not following doctors' advice. The result is over-dosing, which will cause more damage than not treating it.

How to use medicines

Proper diagnosis

It has now become a common trend to identify the symptoms and search for the disease having those symptoms on Google, which is the most serious mistake because many illnesses have common symptoms.

So we should better consult the doctor for a proper diagnosis of the disease we are suffering from.

Reluctance to share details

This is mostly done in case of depression that people don't share all the necessary details with their doctor for fear of being embarrassed. This will cause misunderstanding, and the doctor will not be able to prescribe the correct medicine.

Do as directed

Most teenagers don't follow the prescription and sometimes miss the dose or overtake it for a quick cure, resulting in many side effects.

 So the best way to use any medicine is to follow the direction told by the doctors; besides, he is the expert, not you. Don’t take over-dose even if you feel like you need it.

Read the details

When the doctor prescribes you medicine that does not suit you or is allergic to any ingredient present in that substance, you must read the details concerning the medicine.

Take a break

If the medicine prescribed is to be followed for a long period, you should take a short break to see if you are not becoming its addict. 


Nothing is bad if you use it in a balanced way.  The thing you should keep in mind before using any medicine is that all medicines have after-effects, and you need to be careful about that. Teenagers should realize that haste makes waste and that your health is that precious thing that must not be wasted by your haste. 

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