EVL (Expansion Vibration Lipofilling)

Brazilian butt lift/buttock augmentation helps to change the shape, size and contour of the buttocks. The demand for getting round firm butts proportionate to body shape has increased recently thanks to the popular celebrities. Yet Brazilian butt lift surgery has been the most controversial procedure. Why so? Because of certain risks associated with the traditional method of fat transfer to buttocks. And that is why Dr Priya Bansal has been using Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL) the safest method for Brazilian butt lift.

The Procedure

● First, fat is harvested in a sterile canister, mostly from lower back and abdomen. The fat is then purified and sedimented.
● A tube is connected to this jar from which the fat then flows with the help of a pressure pump resulting in smooth fat flow.
● This tube is attached to 4 or 5 mm cannulas which are angled and basket-shaped.
● The cannula is then attached to a power assisted unit (MicroAire). This power-assisted system causes vibrations in the cannula creating space in the subcutaneous plane of buttocks in multiple directions and layers as it moves.
● This causes expansion of the subcutaneous plane creating more space for fat grafting in the subcutaneous plane itself, thus avoiding the need to inject fat intramuscular and its associated complications. As the space is expanded, the viability of the fat cells also increases.
● Since the vibrations from the power assisted device causes expansion of the space available for fat filling, the procedure is called Expansion Vibration Lipofilling.

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Why EVL is better?

It has been seen that for Brazilian butt lift, injection volumes ranging from 450-1100 ml of donor fat is required per side to achieve the desired shape. The traditional method of injecting fat with syringe has several drawbacks when injecting such large quantity of fat.

Precision and speed: Since the cannula size is bigger, you have better feel of the cannula with each stroke which leads to precise placement of fat in the subcutaneous plane. And because fat is delivered faster using a pressure pump, the operating time is reduced to a great extent.

Fat survival: The wider cannula along with the vibrations increase the space in which fat is grafted leading to better fat viability.

Smooth contour: Because of the smooth flow of fat via pressure pump, there is even distribution and adhesions cannot form between muscle and skin, thus, preventing contour irregularities.

Less surgeon fatigue: Injection of fat using syringe requires repeated use of hand muscles and force and when it is such large quantity, it leads to surgeon fatigue. In EVL, this is achieved by the use of power assisted device along with pressure pump and so the surgeon is working at full efficiency throughout.

Safety: Most of the complications after Brazilian butt lift have been reported after intramuscular injection using syringe. Since sufficient space is created in subcutaneous plane for fat transfer by EVL, injection into intramuscular plane is not required. Also syringe is not used so accidental entry into vessels is avoided.

Because of all the above reasons Expansion Vibration Lipofilling is a safer method for Brazilian butt lift. And so Dr Priya Bansal, board certified female plastic surgeon in Gurgaon uses exclusively devised EVL method for the best patient experience and results.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Priya Bansal is an experienced female plastic and cosmetic surgeon. You can reach out to her to understand the procedure and clarify any misgivings and misconceptions regarding a buttock augmentation procedure. Your privacy and care are her top priority.