Apart from one’s moral responsibility to individuals, every employer also has some legal responsibility to take proper care of their staffs and make proper provisions to equip them properly in one’s work place. A person working alone in a place may face some difficulties, and may not be able to handle the situations alone. Therefore workers should be provided with personal duress alarm so that it may help one to feel safe and provides proper care for one’s protection as well. An isolated/lone worker may be carrying out job in a remote location and can be at a risk at any point of time.

A personal duress alarm helps to track the lone worker at once and would provide immediate help to the needy. Working alone at a place or in isolated environments is generally associated with high risks and therefore the presence of personal duress alarm to every worker may help the one in a great way.

Identicom personal duress alarm can be configured to use in different kinds of application. Here are the following lists of the features and benefits of personal duress alarm:
• It has a unique identity card ensure that the personal duress alarm is present with the worker and is within reach.
• Activation with discretion ensure that the worker is not into any kind of trouble
• Automatically alerts in case the user cannot make proper use of it or has faced any kind of danger.
• It has the best feature of pre recording useful information in one’s duress alarm so that, a worker may not face any problem when his senior makes a visit.
• It comes with Quad band technology, meaning such alarms will work in any and every place where any kind of GSM network exists.
• It comes with a single button, whose activation makes multiple escalation actions.

Enables one and two way audio: personal duress alarm is activated automatically after it is granted by the owner in his working place. It also has a GPS tracker in it which can track one’s location easily. It also opens up live voice channel where the operators are generally highly trained and listens to any kind of situation with care and responds to it accordingly. Such processes help one in need and allow one to work in every kind of situation without facing any kind of trouble. A SafeTcard “Personal duress alarm” can also be fitted with ambient temperature alarm, which will notify the worker at a certain interval of time if one is continuously working in a heated temperature or in cold environment and which in place can be harmful.

Personal duress alarm comes with a red alert functionality which at times comes into action when it is needed. Therefore, the workers of a company should be provided with a duress alarm, as it provides help to the needy and takes proper arrangement to give proper security to its workers. Personal duress alarm provides proper safety and security and helps one to work without facing any kind of hassle.

Author's Bio: 

the author, Jeo Nash is alone worker in a company and works all day. But one is provided with personal duress alarm which makes her feel safe to work avoiding all difficulties without at stance.