Hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed on the job every year. This number would be far lower if workers in dangerous environments utilized the right safety equipment for the job. There are various kinds of gear you may be required to wear at work, but keep in mind that not every safety harness is created equal, and neither are safety glasses and safety shoes. There are certain characteristics you will want to keep your eye out for when selecting the exact brand and version you want for your situation.

When it comes to the safety harness you will wear on the job, consider that several agencies have set safety harness guidelines based on standards that ensure the integrity of the harness. There are suspension harnesses that are used for applications like window washing and scaffolding. Then, there are harnesses worn to protect you if you slip off a high structure. Full-body safety harnesses come in a few different styles to ensure the comfort and fit of each individual wearer. There are different buckle types, D-ring options, and connection points to help you match up the style to the application you need the gear for.

There are various styles of safety glasses that offer varying levels of protection. For protection against dust particles, high-speed debris, and hot solids, you will need high impact goggles. For infrared, solar, or UV radiation, you need eyewear that will protect against exposure to these kinds of light. To protect against liquid splashes, gases, and solid particles, wide vision goggles or face shields will offer the optimal protection. There are also prescription glasses that you can look into if you want to avoid wearing your own glasses underneath safety goggles. Never assume that your regular prescription glasses will provide your eyes with enough protection. You need the added protection of real safety goggles.

For foot protection, you need safety shoes. These typically have steel toes and soles to protect you against heavy falling objects and sharp items on the ground. A foam padded ankle will ensure the comfort of the wearer along with adding protection. Some safety shoes are designed to look sporty while others look more like hiking boots. No matter what you choose, make sure the shoes are rated for the application you wish to use them for. With your safety harness hooked in place, your safety glasses in position, and your safety shoes on, you will be ready for the ultimate workplace protection.

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