There are some road safety tips for car rental.
Learn how to do the basic preventive maintenance including changing the oil and oil filter, another example of preventive maintenance is rotating your car's tyres. This will take about 15 minutes of your time and will save you about $30 - $60.

Get your car inspected before going on a road trip. This will help avoid emergency repairs. Get a second opinion, where possible this may be tricky when you're in a foreign country and stranded. But try as hard as you can to get a second opinion. It will be worth the extra time and effort.

Avoid giving the mechanic full authority over your car Never tell a mechanic to do whatever he needs to do to repair the damage. Always have your mechanic clear repairs with you before any work is performed, it would be best to make sure he explains what he is doing, why, and how much it will cost before starting work.

Find a good repair shop beforehand Make sure you know of a good workshop before you actually need one. Make sure that the shop and the mechanics are qualified and try not to rely on your insurance company to choose the repair shop for you. Do your research and decide on your own. This will go a long way in eliminating expensive decisions made in emergency situations.

Ask if the shop if they give warranties Check if the workshops give warranties on your car. This helps you avoid paying for parts or services that are under warranty. Do not decide on a mechanic or workshop just because it is the cheapest Sometimes paying more gets you better quality, more experienced mechanics and perhaps even better workmanship. Remember that it is your vehicle, your choice and your responsibility.

Choosing Car rental in Ahmedabad to somewhere may save your time and money on your trips, you may choose a few car rental and ask for their rates before your decide. Plan ahead your trips for car rental in Ahmedabad. Choose a car earlier for car rental and you will have a better choice, ensure that the car can enter to any city with insurance. Make sure you check the tires and engine oil and coolants is sufficient before moving off from the car rental company

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