“Baby on Board” one of the commonest of scenes found nowadays in cars carrying little ones is more than just a gimmick. Parents, who are always on the run usually, take their kids along whenever they are driving. Do you have a kid? If it feels painful to leave your little one at home in custody of a baby sitter, go on take your munchkin along with you. There is no hard and fast rule that you can’t take your kid while on a long drive. The only thing that you need to do is follow some tips to ensure you and your little co-passenger is safe. Other than keeping the pace slow here are some tips for you to follow as any responsible parent would:

Buckle Up Your Child

It’s the first step to safety. Before starting the engine, buckle up your baby. Put on the seat belt and there you are ready to rock the roads. With this munchkin sitting beside, you know what’s needed. In most cases it’s hard to tell if the road ahead is going to be smooth. That’s why you need to buckle up your kid.

Fasten Seat Belts Separately

If you have twins or for that fact a second child don’t forget to separately fasten belts on them. Parents travelling with two babies are of the assumption that a single belt is enough for them to save their kids from massive jerks, which is not true. Make sure you fasten the belts separately.

Give Them the Back Seat

If your kids are little over three or four, get them seated at the back. Most driving Lessons held in Caulfield, guide parents towards getting their children seated in the back. A common reason behind such practice is to ensure that the little ones are safe because the airbags in front are not adequate for small children or for that matter, infants. Airbags are mostly installed to protect adults.

Adhere to Traffic Codes and Norms

Most importantly while driving with a baby the parent should follow traffic rules and regulations to avoid bumping into unlikely situations. It’s better to drive slow and safe when you have a tiny co-passenger taking the seat beside you.

Refraining From Mobile Phone Usage

A lot of accidents occur when receiving calls while driving. Your mobile phone can turn out to be your biggest threat as you take the seat behind the wheel. Get over this bad habit if you want to drive safe with your kid. A Driving School in Caulfield educates students on potential hazards of attending to phone calls while steering the vehicle. Those pursuing a course are always taught to keep their phones aside since calls are a major distraction and can take their eyes off the road ahead.

Always Keep the “Child Lock” on

A major way of putting off threats is to always keep the child lock on. Even your Driving Instructor in Caulfield will ask you to seek this safety measure to avoid accidents.

Give your child a safe and enjoyable ride as you follow these key rules.


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The author Selim De La Masse Homsyis a profound writer who at the same time works as a Driving Instructor Caulfield. Through blogs the author , sheds light on various traffic regulations which a driver needs to follow.